The Samento Phenomenon

Prof. Henk OSWALD, M.D., presented at the Samento Conference in London,
November 30, 2001

Prof. Henk OSWALD M.D. is the director of a medical clinic and Meditest International - Amsterdam, the Netherlands; member of the International Academy of Natural Health Science and chairman of the “Nutrition and Science” Foundation. Dr. Oswald is a distinguished scientist in the field of natural health and metabolic chemistry. During the course of his career he has received over 70 awards and honors in recognition of his immense contributions. Included among these is the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Award for Medicine. He is the first scientist in Europe to use the live blood analysis method. His clinic in Amsterdam attends to 25,000 patients a year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I will tell you about my experience with patients for the last 2 years. I already worked with the “old” Cat’s Claw with a lot of success. But now with Samento I give 2 tablets rather than 12 or 20 to have the same result and even better.

First of all I want to tell you what I do in just 5 minutes with my blood tests. When my patients enter my laboratory, I take a little bit of blood from the finger and I do two tests with that small blood drop. One is the live blood test and the other is the coagulated blood test. So, we let it dry. And then you see this (showing different images of blood on the projector): a healthy version - no white spots, nice fiber net, really nice color. That’s a healthy person, you don’t see it anymore.

Now I’ll let you see what you can see here, this is cancer. These are holes in the intestinal tract, leaky gut syndrome; this is lung cancer; this is rheumatism. All of these diseases later on we can treat through Samento. The white flecks are the toxins the cancer cell or the cancer tumor is producing. The magnification here is 600 times. That is my microscope for the live blood cells with which you can make a 15,000 times magnifica- tion and then you see the following: I now change from the coagulated blood to the live blood cells. These are the red blood cells. Between the red cells you see these small points, we call them somatites. Somatites are very important and cancer patients or arthritis patients have only 2, 3, 4 or 5 of these small items, these somatites. So we give the people in terminal cases Samento and then you can see what we can do with cancers, arthritis, celiac disease, sickle cell anemia, shingles, etc. These somatites are not only in the human blood, they are in the blood of all animals and also in plants – all living things on Earth have the same somatites.

Incredible breakthrough ability

The natural way to attack the cancer cell in the beginning is through your own immune system and especially the lymphocytes. But cancer cells have their own defense system. What is the cancer cell doing is build a mucous membrane around it to defend itself, to protect itself. So, now the lymphocytes can’t penetrate the cancer cell anymore. And when this is in stage three or four, the tumor cells fence the lymphocytes in and they are paralyzed. So there is no fight in your body anymore. And this is why chemotherapy is no good. I found out with my photos and in vitro that when you give the terminal patients 4 or 6 Samento capsules, then the fence, the slimy substance, the membrane goes away. Yes, with Samento, and I have over 20 examples already now. And now the lymphocytes can attack the cancer cell. And that’s so nice!

Always when we talk with oncologists about Samento or other natural products they say, “No, we have our own tools. We do radiation, operation and chemotherapy”. But now I say, “I can help you. You can’t penetrate the cancer cell anymore, it’s too hard. We can help you that the chemotherapy is working; make a bridge”. And now they are listening because they didn’t know about the mucus membrane and why chemotherapy is not working. And I show them in vitro what’s going on... So now we are not the good guys and they the bad guys or vice versa. We can help each other and it sounds ridiculous, ladies and gentlemen, but the Samento and the chemotherapy have a synergistic effect, they help each other. So when the patient has chemotherapy every three weeks sometimes, in those three weeks we have time enough to give the Samento.

And what is the chemo doing? There are all other measurements, but let’s say the blood count is 5 – the white cells and the red cells. When you have chemotherapy, after a couple of weeks it goes to 4, then 3, then 2 and oncologists say, “We have to stop the chemotherapy. The count of the cells is too low.” Now in that 3 weeks time it’s 5 in the beginning, then goes to 4, goes to 3, but never to 2, and goes up to 4 after 3 months time with Samento – that’s the experience I have with my patients. So they can continue with chemotherapy.

A bridge between Samento and oncology

I’m not against chemotherapy but if my wife had cancer I’d never permit it. So I must find a bridge between the two and now there are already oncologists that are giving the Samento in that 3 weeks period. It takes care of the mucous fence around the cancer cells, it doesn’t paralyze the lymphocytes so the chemotherapy can do the job and the lymphocytes can do the job.

When the patient has no chemotherapy, it’s the same story and that’s important. The blood count never falls too low and after a couple of months it goes back to 4, which is quite normal, only with Samento in terminal cases: 3 x 2 capsules a day and then later on 2 x 2 for maintenance, and I can tell you there are no side effects at all. Here you can see the fence surrounding the cancer cells and after 5-6 weeks with Samento it’s back to normal and then you can attack the disease. The dosage and duration of the treatment with Samento depends on how far the cancer has advanced. When you give 6 capsules a day - about 3 to 4 weeks, and then you can see on my pictures that it’s away. Don’t forget that you can talk about terminal cancer, stage 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Only in terminal cases the cancer cell will immediately build that fence around it. But it doesn’t attack the lymphocytes from the beginning, only when in stage 4 it will paralyze the lymphocytes too. And then you can see how in 4-5 weeks of treatment with Samento there is no fence around the lymphocytes, so they can do the job and Samento can do the job. Yes, it concerns all types of cancer. I do prostrate cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer. It’s an amazing product; you have results even in terminal cases. Now see what Samento is doing in a couple of months. You can see the difference, look at the cancer pictures – the cancer cells always have sharp edges, the fibrin is away, and the somatites are almost missing.

I treated about 20 patients with arthritis. This is (a picture of) an arthritis patient, 62 years old. There you see the cells - very bad, the form is completely changed. After 2 months with Samento (3 capsules a day) the spots are smaller, the cells are already better; after 5 months practically back to normal. This is real experience and I did this with a lot of patients. This system is so nice: I can follow the patients step by step, making these tests every month or two.

Here’s another patient, in a wheelchair. Look at this – the same, white spots, terrible condition… After 2 months it’s already better, after 4 months – back to normal. That man is coming now to my office, no wheelchair anymore and less pain – you see what you can do with Samento. Sometimes I give him 4 capsules a day and maintenance 2 or 1 a day, but still he’s doing fine; only sometimes in winter when it’s cold and wet he has a little bit of pain and then I tell him to increase the dosage and take 2 or 3 capsules a day.

I think you know all about free radicals. When the superoxide combines with hydrogen peroxide a very dangerous compound is formed – hydroxyl; in a split second it can ruin the whole body. In the early days we attacked them with superoxide dismutase and then the hydrogen is catalyzed. Now in the last 6 months I did it only with Samento. What is Samento doing: it helps the liver to produce more scavengers that take care of the free radicals – very, very important when you have degenerative diseases and so on. I have a lot of success also with Candida.

Combining chemotherapy with Samento gives good results, fewer side effects, less pain and the patients feel really great. I don’t say I can heal cancer but I can lengthen their life, they have no pain and they feel great – in terminal cases. I have always worked with cancer, the last time two years ago with Galavit from Russia. But I don’t use it anymore, now I have Samento. Samento is doing a better job and the treatment with Galavit is much more expensive – more than 7,000 dollars, while the treatment with Samento costs around 500-600 dollars.

What’s the better choice for cancer patients?

Sometimes the whole family of a cancer patient comes to me asking, “What can we do?” It’s very difficult. I can’t say to the patients, “Don’t take chemotherapy”. They’ll put me in jail immediately. I can only say, take chemotherapy, then in the meantime in that 3 weeks period take Samento.

But I have more results with only Samento. When we have 100 patients with the same cancer in the same stage and when 50 go to the hospital to take chemotherapy and 50 are treated by me with 6 Samento capsules daily, I have a better success because Samento alone can do the job. I have a lot of examples. But I can say that to you, I can’t tell it to the cancer patients.

But, now, I found a bridge between chemotherapy and Samento. That’s fantastic. Now I can convince oncologists to work together. And they say okay, when of course the patient agrees. That’s already fantastic that they are doing that. Not all, oh no… But some do and they see the results.

And also in vitro, when you take a small tumor (that’s a lot of cancer cells) and you put it in extract from Samento (I made an extract by myself), in 3 weeks you see the tumor shrinking. First of all the membrane, the fence around the cancer cells goes away and then you can see the tumor slowly shrinking.

(Remark from the audience: The shrinkage of the tumor is not necessarily due to Samento, but simply because it has been removed!) –

Yes, but when you do the same in water or in alcohol, does it change? That’s my answer. Of course I put pieces of the tumor in different media, I’m not stupid! (Laughs heartily).

You all know what PSA is. When you have a patient with prostate cancer you usually do PSA. At the beginning it is very high – 65. Then I give Samento. After one month it falls to 50, after two months with Samento 3 capsules daily it falls to 40, and now I have patients who have managed to return to the normal levels: 10-12.

The highest dosage of Samento I have given is 6 capsules daily in terminal cases. I haven’t seen any side effects.