Samento – a Key to the Optimal Medicine

Samento International Conference- Brighton, England, September 9-10, 2004

On the ground of our 4-years practice in applying Samento on more than 12 000 patients (every doctor, scientist or journalist can be acquainted personally with these cases) I made the conclusion, that among all wide spectrum healing methods and means (psychology, royal jelly, mumio, music therapy, acupuncture, Echinacea, ginseng etc.), Samento stands most nearly to the concept of PANACEA.

In this way, the skepticism of most of the graduate physicians about the “heal-all” character of Samento remains on their account, and mainly on the account of their patients, who are harmed and often killed by the not-panaceaic conventional methods. This traditional negativism of the orthodox medics in regard to every new word in medicine, and especially in regard to the prospects of phytotherapy, is not grounded on any real arguments.

Behind this ignoring and negation, even of herbs like Samento, it is not hidden, but is seen a whole set of factors: misinformation and lack of wish for self-information, professional pride, complexes of envy, commercial reasons in regard of the pharmaceutical companies – manufacturers etc.

Only the deeply ignorant and unconscientious opponent, and as such emerge most of the representatives of the official medicine, can “ground” his disparaging attitude toward Samento, giving as an argument the medical postulate, that “panacea doesn’t exist”.

This “argumentation” is more than ridiculous. It is clearly unsubstantial and the proofs fill up the whole history of medicine. At the end, this concept harms the health interests of the patients. It turns not only to breaking of the Hippocratic Oath, but to a crime, because it deprives many sick people of the only thing that can heal them…

The truth is quite obvious. It isn’t true that an almost-panacea cannot exist, i.e. healing remedy (herb and so no), which heals successfully dozens and even hundreds of illnesses. By the way, the statement that it is impossible to exist a remedy, which heals successfully dozens and even hundreds of illnesses, is true only in regard of chemical medications, which the graduated doctors are trying predominantly to “cure” with during the last more than 200 years.

In natural medicine and especially in phytotherapy, stands for good the opposite theory, practice, truth. Namely, all well-informed healers know that there isn’t even one medicinal plant, which cures only one illness! Those who don’t believe in this, who doesn’t know this, who wants to know the truth about this case, can do it within minutes. It will be enough to open any book – not popular, but scientific, academic, of repute, in botanic or phytotherapy and read at random about the healing properties of any herb! Of one, two, fifty and more herbs!

The nature has taken care to create millions of unique and universal medicinal plants, as well as many other natural healing products, but the modern doctors have to take care of expanding their academic knowledge with knowledge about these natural remedies, which in 90% of the cases are superior to the best synthetic medications in efficiency, without even a single of their gruesome side effects. Obviously, the problem here is not only about knowledge, but also about moral. About moral courage, because many lack the intellectual, psychic and moral strength to take from the endless pharmacy and library of nature, because this obliges them to abandon the comfortable, although worthless therapeutic concepts and habits.

These concepts, which are far away from the truth about the things in medicine and the interest of the patients, today rule in the medical universities and clinics, in the health administration of every state, in the directives of EU, in the concepts of WHO.

These health ideas and practices in fact serve not-medical interests and work for increasing the profits of the pharmaceutical companies, not for increasing human health.

The good, conscientious, but uninformed skeptic would say – but yet how to understand the statement, if we accept it for true that many single herbs cure successfully dozens of illnesses, and Samento manages more than 100 classic medical diagnoses?

I had the honor and pleasure to give an answer to this question already during the First Samento International Conference in Sofia, March 22, 2001. But even today, everyone seeking the answer can find it in the mentioned academic works on phytotherapy, concentrating on the section CONTENT of any herb!

Nature has worked millions of years to synthesize dozens and even thousands of biologically active substances in every medicinal plant. This divine content corresponds most precisely to the divine content of the human body and respectively – to its needs during illness.

The scientific vanguard of humanity – chemists, physicists, pharmacologists, biologists, medics – worked hard and successful, as some people still think, during the last 200-300 years and created a huge arsenal of medications: analgesics, antipyretics, citostatics, sulfonamides, antibiotics, corticosteroids, chemotherapeutical, antidepressants etc.

Whereas nature has created save broad-spectrum almost heal-all therapeutic masterpieces like herbs for example, the most educated part of mankind has created absurd drugs, like antibiotics for example (anti+bio = against life?).

Why most of the scientists pay no attention to the herb, which without any negative effects lowers the fever, normalizes blood pressure and blood glucose, restores the sleep, dispels the fears, destroys pathogenic viruses, microbes and parasites, eliminates cysts and tumors etc. etc. Here I mentioned only part of the therapeutic effects of Samento.

These researchers, pharmacologists and therapists (namely the merchants in the temple of medicine) stubbornly seek, invent and prescribe cures, based upon the principal “One drug against one bacterium!”
At the best, mainly by intuition or naivety, these “Hippocrates” try to restore something they have been destroying for a couple of centuries – in case of a cancer disease for example, they know only a bit about, but to the patient they prescribe an awful cocktail of analgesics, antipyretics, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory, antitumour, antibacterial, antiviral, and so on synthetic medications. Let us underline – synthetic! That is to say toxic, defect, imperfect, pitiful man’s imitation of the natural herb!
It is understandable, with these shocking facts, to arise the question about the psychic balance, mental furniture and moral characteristic of all human individuals, serving the official medicine, or more accurate, who just obtain benefit from it and stand in the way of the sick people to human healing.

At the Second Samento International Conference in London, on November 30, 2001, I reported that Samento cures successfully 101 ailments.

A few months later Tim Eaton, the director of Nutramedix asked me: “Is there any progress in your work with Samento, may be the curable diseases are already more? How many are they?” I answered: “I reached 107, but I stopped counting them…” “Why?” asked Tim. I said, “Because the very term ‘diagnosis’ or ‘disease’ is often misunderstood and now it has to be newly considered, to be corrected!”
This term is made for convenience and success in healing, but it hinders the proper therapy for the present. Many of the so-called “diagnoses” in fact are only malady symptoms or syndromes: hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, gastritis, asthma, cancer, Parkinson’s disease etc. etc.

With these “diagnoses-crunches” the therapist won’t get far, and the patient will get to the medication polypragmasia, useless suffering and the morgue. The nature presents us with a yet untrampable pharmacy of almost panacean herbs. Number one among them is Samento. Next by it comes Noni. Other similar herbs will appear probably soon.

We must study them more thoroughly. They are milestones on the way to health. For the time present they are the real therapy, the real medicine, because they don’t attack one or another “diagnosis”, but heal the sick person.

They awake, mobilize, optimize his own healing power, which may be Norman Cousins firstly talked about.

To make maximum use of the healing power of Samento, as well as any other therapeutic device, we need to follow a new integral health concept, which I named OPTIMAL MEDICINE. Its short formula is as follows: Optimal diagnostic + optimal therapy = OPTIMAL MEDICINE.
Samento is an excellent device, a wonderful key to realizing, accepting and applying of this medicine. However, it is more than obvious that it’s impossible to fit the whole medicine into such a brief report.

Editor in chief of Lechitel weekly and
Director of Lechitel Health Center