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The Herb Of The Century
Samento: Health For Everyone
The New TOA-Free Cat’s Claw
Samento And Immunity
Amazing Action
Samento, Welcome To Bulgaria!
First Samento International Scientific Conference
The Panacea That Does Exist
A Rare Chance For Humanity
Samento Helps In Some Depressions
The Medical Plant Of The 21
Samento Improves Quality Of Life
Second Samento International Scientific Conference
Samento Works Fabulously!
The Samento Phenomenon
Samento Protocols
The Healing Range of Samento
The Herb For Our Age
Unique Qualities In A Purely Natural Product
Third Samento International Scientific Conference
98% Of Patients Show Clinical Improvement
How To Dose Samento
Fourth Samento International Scientific Conference
The Herb That Is Already Called A MIRACLE Even By Medical Professors
The Optimal Medicine Against The So-Called Untreatable Diseases
The Role Of Samento: Elimination Of Untreatable Organisms
Report On A Pilot Study: Samento Is Effective In Treating Lyme Borreliosis 97
Samento Normalizes Blood Pressure
Perfect Action Of Samento In Patients With Neurovegetative Dystonia
Questions And Answers From The Press Conference
Letters From Bulgaria
Letters From Abroad
SAMENTO: Frequently Asked Questions
This documentary book collects the reports and state-
ments published in Lechitel Weekly from the international Samento
conferences held so far (Sofia, March 22
2001; London,
November 30
2001; Florida, May 10
2002; Sofia, October 10
2003), as well as 252 letters from patients treated with Samento,
including some texts from the Nutramedix LLC website and other
This first English edition is translated from the first book
about Samento in the world - Samento: Health for Everyone, pub-
lished in Bulgarian in Sofia on October 10
, 2003. The English edi-
tion you hold in your hands includes the latest data on Samento
collected from October 1
, 2003 through September 1
, 2004.

Since the beginning of the new millennium Samento
has turned into a real worldwide medical event. No other
medicinal plant has received in such a short time such
enthusiastic and unconditional recognition on the part of
patients, doctors and researchers alike. And with every
passing day its reputation is established with even stronger
arguments and its therapeutic range is extended ever more con-
Bulgaria had the enterprise and chance to become the
first country on the European mainland to start a regular import
of this unique herbal product. We began to apply it on a large
scale, as well as conduct continued additional studies. On March
2001 we held in Sofia the First Samento International
Scientific Conference, which served as a catalyst for the applica-
tion and research of the phenomenal herb.
The intelligent and wise readers of Lechitel Weekly, the
most authoritative medical periodical in Bulgaria, have been
sharing for three years now with our entire reading audience
their impressions of Samento, their questions and acclaim, their
reflections and suggestions… The column called “Samento News
from the Mail of Lechitel” is undoubtedly the most popular, most
interesting and most useful one.
During that time through the 30 Lechitel drugstores, as
well as the Lechitel Weekly editorial office and the Lechitel
Health Center have passed tens of thousands of customers,
patients, people asking questions and offering their thanks –
including patients from Greece, Turkey, Austria, Australia, the
United States, England, France, Israel, Belgium, the
Netherlands, Canada, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Russia, Poland, Cyprus,
Spain, Macedonia, New Zealand, Finland...
The priceless experience we have accumulated in the
use and understanding of the “herb of the 21
century” gave us
the courage to put together this book about Samento – the first

The New TOA-Free Cat’s Claw
Samento – that is how the Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomen-
tosa) is called by the Ashaninka Indians who have the most
ancient knowledge of the plant. They have been using it to treat
dozens of conditions for more than 2000 years and have careful-
ly kept the secret of their most important “life-giving” medicinal
Today they are considered the most reliable source of
the herb as they infallibly recognize the healing type (the one
that according to laboratory analyses is TOA-free). Without their
help the magical vine would have remained unknown to science.
That’s why the biggest manufacturer of botanicals from
the Peruvian rainforest - Nutramedix LLC - has decided to give
its most sensational product, the TOA-free Cat’s Claw, its
authentic name: SAMENTO.
Never has our editorial mail been so overwhelmed with
letters, our telephones with calls and our e-mail with messages
concerning one and the same subject: Samento. This is not only
a Bulgarian phenomenon. We follow daily the information on the
website of Nutramedix - and there constantly appear new
reports like this one:
“I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to your
I have been chronically sick for about 11 years now
with episodes of Epstein-Barr Virus, Candida, fatigue, etc.
I was a patient of 5 “top doctors” in New York City for
about 8 of those 11 years. The remaining time I hopped from
one nutritionist or herbalist to another with hopes of getting well
and regaining my strength to no avail.
As you recommended to me, I started taking 3 capsules
of your Samento each day. I took one upon awakening on an
one in the world.
While not forgetting that medicine is not just Samento,
we must know that without Samento it would continue being
one sad, confused and very often helpless science for health for
a long time yet.
October 1, 2003

Samento And Immunity
TOA-Free Cat’s Claw Strengthens The Body’s
Immune System
Dr. Marcus Laux is a well-known American naturopathic
physician. He received his doctorate from the National College of
Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, where he serves on
staff as a clinical professor. Dr. Laux is the host of network tele-
vision series broadcasted in Europe, Canada, and the United
States. We publish this interview with small abbreviations.
Q. What’s the history of Cat’s Claw with the
Ashaninka tribe?
A. The most esteemed of the tribe’s healers are priests,
or sancoshi, who claim to be able to perceive the presence of
good spirits or manincaarite (which means “living hidden in
water”) in certain plants. These good spirits are believed to be
responsible for the plants’ healing properties.
One of these plants is Uncaria tomentosa, a high-climb-
ing, woody vine that grows at the base of tall rainforest trees.
Claw-shaped thorns are found at the junction of its leaves, which
allow the plant to latch onto the trees and grow very tall. While
more than 16 plants with such thorns are called cat’s claw, the
Ashaninka have used the root of U. tomentosa, their
species of cat’s claw, for more than 2,000 years to treat
illnesses. These illnesses include asthma, bladder infec-
tions, infected wounds, arthritis, bone pain, bowel
inflammation, and cancer.
Q. When did Europeans discover the benefits of
Cat’s Claw?
A. As European explorers ventured into the Amazon
River basin in the middle of the 20th century, they became inter-
ested in the many botanicals used for health and healing. While
they were skeptical of the stories about the Ashaninka priests’
perceptive abilities, scientific methods confirmed them.
empty stomach, another capsule in the middle of the lunch and
the final capsule about 3 hours after dinner. I have been doing
this for only 3 weeks and I am already feeling like a new person!
My energy level is fabulous and I don’t feel the need to overeat
constantly in order to keep my blood sugar stable. My workouts
are stronger and longer and I’m already starting to gain my mus-
cle tone back. I’ve also lost the water retention in my legs that
I was bothered by for so long.
Thank you again for your wisdom in helping me get
healthy. May God bless you and your staff for being a light and
guide to hurting people.
Annette M. Bianchetti”
In the ten years since we started publishing Lechitel we
have provided information from the world press on a variety of
healing plants but we had never seen such an enthusiastic tone
on the part of patients as well as researchers of the miracle plant
from the Amazon rainforest.
Probably the day will come when we shall be able to
announce the first serious Bulgarian research on the herb that
as far back as in 1993 was defined by the WHO as the
most important medical plant discovered in the last
three hundred years since quinine was found in the sev-
enteenth century…
Lechitel Weekly, No 10, March 8, 2001
(With abbreviations)

the various cells to the presence of germs and launch the attack
against them (the immune response). Helper T-cells also pro-
duce chemicals that activate B-cells to produce antibodies.
While not enough of an immune response may lead to
disease, an excessive response may cause an allergic reaction or
an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis.
Suppressor T-cells regulate and modulate T-cell activity, main-
taining a balanced immune system response.
Q. I’m curious about a specific T-cell, called the
killer T-cell. What function does it serve?
A. The killer T-cell contains granules filled with potent
chemicals that can kill on contact. With assistance from the
helper T-cell, killer T-cells detect tumor cells and cells infected by
viruses. The killer T-cell then binds to its target and delivers a
blast of lethal chemicals.
Neutrophils are the most common form of white blood
cells. The bone marrow produces trillions of them every day and
releases them into the bloodstream. However, their life span is
very short; neutrophils generally live fewer than 48 hours.
Neutrophils are attracted to foreign material, areas of inflamma-
tion, and bacteria. When an infection occurs and lots of bacteria
have reproduced in the area, pus will form. Pus is simply dead
neutrophils and other cellular debris.
Of all the blood cells, macrophages are the biggest.
Macrophage literally means “big eater”; these engulf and digest
foreign particles, a process called phagocytosis. Most organs
have their own group of devoted macrophages. For example,
some macrophages live in the lungs and keep the lungs clean by
ingesting bacteria and microbes. Macrophages also travel freely
in the bloodstream in search of debris to eat. One of their jobs
is to clean up pus as part of healing.
All this immune system action occurs in our bodies every
day. It happens as a process, with the white blood cells working
together to keep us healthy. The complexity and level of interac-
tion between neutrophils, macrophages, T-cells, and B-cells is
quite amazing. And, Cat’s Claw root extract helps every one of
these vital cells.
Scientists used high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
to analyze the plant’s roots. They discovered “the good spirits of
the roots” were important medicinal compounds called penta-
cyclic oxindole alkaloids (POAs). Cat’s claw’s ability to help
the human immune system, an incredibly complex and vital part
of the body, is the hallmark of this amazing plant.
Q. How does the immune system work?
A. Our immune systems protect us from infectious dis-
eases, such as colds and flu, and diseases that begin in our cells,
such as cancer. The immune system is made up of several
organs and many different types of cells, all having specific func-
tions and all working together. These include the thymus,
spleen, lymph system, bone marrow, white blood cells, and anti-
White blood cells are the most important part of the
immune system. There are many types of white blood cells that
destroy bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells.
All white blood cells are made in the bone marrow, a
spongy tissue rich with nutrients. Immature blood cells formed
in bone marrow are called blast cells. Lymphoblasts are imma-
ture white blood cells. Some white blood cells then travel to the
thymus, where they mature. These white blood cells are then
designated T-cells (T=thymus). Other white blood cells remain
in the bone marrow where they, too, mature and are called B-
cells (B=bone marrow). When lymphoblasts become mature
cells, they are called lymphocytes.
B-cells produce and secrete antibodies. Each B-cell
makes one antibody that’s effective against one specific germ
(the common name for a bacteria, virus, or fungus). When the
germ is present in the body, the B-cell then further matures into
many large plasma cells. Each plasma cell becomes a tiny facto-
ry producing millions of antibodies designed to eliminate
the germ.
Q. What are T-cells’ role in supporting the
immune system?
A. There are several types of T-cells in your body. Helper
T-cells are the master switch for the immune system. They alert

and AIDS. HIV attacks helper T-cells. While the body initially
makes more new helper T-cells, its ability to replace these cells
gradually fades. Without helper T-cells, killer T-cells can’t kill
infected cells very well. By slowly depleting helper T-cells and
making killer T-cells less effective, infections are able to slowly
overwhelm the body.
Because the POAs found in Cat’s Claw extracts increase
production of helper T-cells, researchers studying these power-
ful plant compounds are confident Cat’s Claw has a role in HIV
and AIDS treatment.
Q. Can Cat’s Claw help people with autoimmune
A. In autoimmune disease, the immune system for some
reason fails to recognize parts of the body as “self.” This failure
results in T-and B-cells mistakenly responding to the body’s own
tissue as if it were a virally infected cell or bacteria. There are
several autoimmune diseases, each affecting different types of
In multiple sclerosis (MS), myelin, the insulation-like
covering of the brain and spinal cord, is identified by the immune
system as a germ or foreign substance. The myelin becomes
inflamed and lesions are formed as the myelin is attacked and
destroyed. This myelin destruction causes problems with bal-
ance, walking, vision, speech, bladder, and bowel control. The
lesions of MS contain many white blood cells, including
macrophages, lymphocytes, and plasma cells. Some persons
with MS also have sharp declines in suppressor T-cells, just
before new lesions are formed.
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), another autoimmune dis-
ease, is caused by an antibody that attacks certain joints, caus-
ing them to become inflamed, red, tender, swollen, and very
painful. The disease can cause joint deformity and severe dis-
ability. These joint changes are caused by lymphocytes,
macrophages, and plasma cells that infiltrate the joint in
response to the immune system attack.
Q. If RA and MS are caused by an immune system
that’s mistakenly producing white blood cells to fight the
Q. How does Cat’s Claw root help the white blood
A. First, certain POAs increase the rate of phagocytosis
in macrophages. Macrophages can then ingest more bacteria
and disease causing microbes. Scientists also discovered Cat’s
Claw extract increases interleukin production. This chemical pro-
tein is secreted by macrophages and plays an important part in
healing wounds and preventing minor infections from becoming
major infections.
Perhaps POAs’ most important action is their impact on
T-and B-cells. Scientists discovered exposing B-cells to Cat’s
Claw increased the B-cells significantly, resulting in an increased
antibody supply.
The POAs in Cat’s Claw root extract also increase the
number of mature helper T-cells, suppressor T-cells, and killer T-
cells, the soldiers of the immune system. They can then more
effectively destroy viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing
However, the release of too many immature T-and B-
cells, or lymphoblasts, can make the immune response less
effective against germs. These immature T-cells don’t have the
disease-fighting ability mature T-cells have. Ensuring that B- and
T-lymphoblasts develop into mature cells is vital to a healthy
immune system. The powerful POAs found in the Uncaria tomen-
tosa root not only increase mature lymphocytes, but slow over-
production of T-and B-lymphoblasts, helping create an immune
system ready to defend against foreign invaders and disease.
Q. Is it true Cat’s Claw can help combat diseases
such as cancer?
A. Cat’s Claw root extract has been studied for its abili-
ty to help wipe out cancer cells. Scientists discovered POAs help
increase the number of killer T-cells. These specialized T-cells
not only kill virus-infected cells, but seek cancer cells. Once killer
T-cells find a cancerous cell, they bind themselves to it, releas-
ing toxic chemicals inside the cell. These chemicals puncture the
cancer cell’s membrane, causing it to burst and die.
POAs also are beneficial to individuals with HIV

are often mixed and sold as a Cat’s Claw product. No mention of
any alkaloid content is made on many Cat’s Claw products’ pack-
Q. How can I be sure the Cat’s Claw I buy is TOA-
A. If the product label doesn’t give the amount of TOAs,
chances are it contains TOAs.
Long-term observations show a daily intake of Cat’s
Claw root extract poses no risk, even if used for years.
Lechitel Weekly, No 16, April 18, 2002
body’s own brain and joints, wouldn’t taking Cat’s Claw
root extract make these diseases worse?
A. At first glance, it would seem so. However, Cat’s Claw
extract is able to both strengthen a weakened immune system
and calm a hyperactive immune system. In autoimmune dis-
eases, such as RA and MS, Cat’s Claw root extract bene-
ficially modulates the immune system.
The POAs in Cat’s Claw root extract do not directly
increase B-cells or T-cells. Rather, they encourage the body’s
own immune system regulators. Plus, researchers have discov-
ered Cat’s Claw inhibits damaging chemical proteins found in MS,
RA, and other autoimmune diseases.
Q. Does Cat’s Claw have any side effects?
A. Some people may notice some mild diarrhea for the
first week or two. This problem generally resolves itself.
Because Cat’s Claw hasn’t been studied in pregnant or
breast-feeding women, these women shouldn’t take it.
Individuals who have received an organ or bone marrow
transplant, or a skin graft, should not take Cat’s Claw. The
immune system stimulation might cause transplant rejection.
Perhaps the most important concern regarding
Cat’s Claw extracts is to buy a product that’s tetracyclic
oxindole alkaloid (TOA) free.
Q. Why should I avoid TOAs?
A. While the POAs in Cat’s Claw root extracts offer
numerous benefits to the immune system, TOAs have
different effects in the body, none helping the immune
system cells. When POAs and TOAs are mixed, the TOAs
work against the POAs. Even as little as 1% TOA content
can cause POAs to lose their ability to beneficially mod-
ulate the immune system. Choose a product with no
TOAs or the smallest percent possible.
Q. Why do some Cat’s Claw products contain
A. Chemotype identification takes significant time and
costs money. For these reasons, many Cat’s Claw distributors
don’t distinguish between the chemotypes. The POAs and TOAs

“Unlike therapies before SAMENTO, SAMENTO itself
doesn’t try to eliminate some virus or bacterium, nor some dis-
ease, but gives the patient energy to fortify and strengthen his
own self-healing power that Nature has built into his spirit, mind
and body. SAMENTO doesn’t act AGAINST, but contributes FOR…
Historians of medicine will talk about the age BEFORE SAMENTO
and the age AFTER SAMENTO”.
This is how Samento’s action is evaluated by the winner
of 70 international medical awards and honors Prof. Henk
Oswald M.D., director of a complementary medicine clinic and
Meditest International - Amsterdam, the Netherlands; member
of the International Academy of Natural Health Science and
chairman of the “Nutrition and Science” Foundation: “Amazing!
For colon cancer as well as any gastrointestinal cancer. For
arthritis as well as candidiasis of the bowels. SAMENTO works
fabulously also for gastrointestinal conditions and Crohns dis-
ease. SAMENTO is an astonishing antioxidant that neutralizes
free radicals and even the effect of such a harmful oxidant as
hydroxyl, which can ruin the body in days.”
On July 25, 2001, the Hungarian National Institute of
Pharmacy (OGYI), the Hungarian equivalent of the Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States of America,
approved SAMENTO as a paramedicament (OTC- over the count-
er) pharmaceutical preparation. Hungary is a member of the
Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PICS).
Hungarian authorities state that “Samento is approved for use as
a sole or adjunct therapy for rheumatoid diseases, arthritis and
locomotor conditions. It is also approved as a sole or adjunct
therapy to enhance immune system function”. Additional medical
claims will be approved as ongoing clinical studies continue to
provide scientific evidence regarding the medicinal uses of
Amazing Action
SAMENTO is a very rare form of the Peruvian medicinal
plant called Cat’s Claw - Uncaria tomentosa. Its properties
include immunomodulator, antibacterial, antimutagenic, diuretic,
antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antitumorous, cytostat-
ic, depurative, hypotensive and vermifuge. Studies suggest Cat’s
Claw to be beneficial in the treatment of a wide range of immune
system related conditions; these include but are not limited to
cancer, arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, allergies, ulcers, systemic
candidiasis, all forms of herpes, diabetes, lupus, chronic fatigue
syndrome, intestinal disorders and HIV infection.
Unlike traditional Cat’s Claw products, SAMENTO does
not contain a group of chemical antagonists called tetracyclic
oxindole alkaloids (TOAs) that act upon the central nervous sys-
tem and greatly inhibit its effectiveness. SAMENTO contains a
standardized amount of pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids (POAs)
that act on the cellular immune system and demonstrate power-
ful immune system modulating properties. According to research
conducted in Austria, traditional Cat’s Claw products may contain
as much as 80% TOAs, and as little as 1% TOAs can cause a
30% reduction in immune system modulating properties that
POAs provide. This may explain why large dosages, at times far
exceeding 20,000 mg per day, of traditional Cat’s Claw contain-
ing TOAs are required to obtain some results in treating the pre-
viously mentioned immune system related conditions.
It is estimated that perhaps as much as 10% of those
using traditional Cat’s Claw products obtain a proportion of the
results they are expecting. In contrast, more than 90% of those
using SAMENTO are reporting results, and in many cases the
effects are greatly exceeding expectations.
SAMENTO first became available in Bulgaria in January
2001 where dramatic, widespread results came so quickly that
within two weeks thousands were using the product. The
Lechitel Clinic located in Sofia, Bulgaria estimates that 98% of
the patients using SAMENTO are experiencing results. Atanas
Tzonkov, director of the clinic states the following:

founded Peruvian Rainforests Ltd. We started the company with the
mission of ensuring funds for charity. Then we decided that we want-
ed to help abandoned children as well as missionaries in different
countries that find it hard to financially sustain their activities. Up to
now we have been using the better part of our earnings for human-
itarian projects in Peru, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sudan, Romania, and
we are hoping to add Bulgaria as well. God has given us this plant
and we wan to make it accessible to the largest number of people.
Q. And still you became a leader in the production of
Cat’s Claw - and in such a short time?
A. Yes, we started in 1993 and by 1995 our sales had grown
by 2000 percent. We became the largest company to offer Cat’s Claw
and the first company in the United States to sell capsules with the
herb nationwide. We also started selling raw material to many firms
in various countries. In the beginning of 1996 we opened our office
in the UK to attend to the European market. In 1997 we changed the
name of the company to Nutramedix.
Q. Last year you launched the new TOA-free Cat’s
Claw, called Samento, which is more effective than the com-
mon Cat’s Claw. How did you manage to find in nature that
unique type of the medicinal plant Uncaria tomentosa?
A. We are now certain that Samento is the future of our
company. We’ve been studying it for one year and we kept finding
new proof that this natural species is even more effective compared
to the product made in Austria through forced removal of the TOAs
from the plant. The Austrian scientist Klaus Keplinger discovered as
early as in the 1970s that there was such a TOA-free Cat’s Claw, but
it is so rare in nature that Keplinger managed to find in the Peruvian
rainforest only separate specimens. That’s why he dedicated 20 years
of his life to developing a way of separating the TOAs in the lab.
What we managed to do was discover in Peru considerable
quantities of wild growing TOA-free Cat’s Claw. It is the opinion of
many of the doctors and scientists we work with that our Samento is
better than the Austrian pharmaceutical because it’s natural and con-
tains the whole plant without changing it in any way.
Q. Is Peru the only place you can find this rare plant?
A. Cat’s Claw grows in many places - from Guatemala to
Welcome To Bulgaria!
A Pilot Healing The World
Tim Eaton is the founder, owner and president of the US
company Nutramedix, the world leader in the manufacturing of prod-
ucts from the Peruvian herb Cat’s Claw and the single producer of
When I first met him at the airport in Sofia he was not the
least bit difficult to recognize - with his 2 meters height he was taller
by a head than all the other passengers. Dressed in jeans and quite
simple clothes, no attributes of prosperity the way we take it here:
golden watches, necklaces or thick chains; nothing expensive or
glossy. And the same modest way (even by our country’s standards)
was dressed his beautiful wife Bertha, a Peruvian by birth.
We later found out that this couple cares for and supports
not only their two but 80 more children, and that they now build a
third successive orphanage in Peru, not only making a one-time
donation but taking full care of the raising and education of those
children sheltered from the streets. Two months after his visit to
Bulgaria, Tim Eaton provided us with 1000 free bottles of Samento
worth more than $40,000 in the USA. Lechitel gave them out to peo-
ple with severe conditions and part of the results that you’re going to
hear at today’s international meeting in Sofia come namely from
these patients.
Q. Mr. Eaton, how did it all start? How did your com-
pany manage to become the number one leader on the world
market in just seven years?
A. In 1987 I went to Peru to work as a missionary pilot, fly-
ing planes in the rainforest and helping the local people. It was then
that I first learned about Cat’s Claw - the Indians told me about it.
They gave me this advice: “If you ever crash in the jungle and need
fresh water for drinking, cut this vine and drink its sap. It’s called
Samento and we use it to treat a big number of diseases”.
I lived in Peru for 5 years, met Bertha, married to her and
we both left the country in 1992, returned to the United States and

First Samento International
Scientific Conference
Sofia, Bulgaria
March 22, 2001
This conference was held just 40 days after the launch
of Samento in Bulgaria. At the time this new product that caused
a sensation overnight was called TOA-Free Cat’s Claw Super
Strong, and offered in 200mg and 40mg capsules.
Just a year later the producer Nutramedix had to protect
this unique product, which became a hit not only in Bulgaria, by
patenting it with its original name from its native country Peru:
Samento. It is now available in 600mg (Extra Strength) and
120mg (Maintenance) capsules.
Chili - but this special, TOA-free type is only found in Peru.
Q. In the past 30 years there have been a lot of sci-
entific studies of the common Cat’s Claw in different coun-
tries, but is the new TOA-free type already being studied?
A. Yes, right now there’s a clinical study going on in
Germany and the Netherlands that already showed some very inter-
esting results. It appears for instance that Samento successfully
treats herpes infections (both types) in just two weeks…
Q. This is explicable since Cat’s Claw is one of the
most powerful immune stimulators.
A. Yes, it is classified by scientists as an immune stimulator
but I think this is not quite precise. It would be more correctly to
define it as an immunomodulator, an immunoregulator. Because
there are people with an overactive immune system and if they take
an immunostimulating medicine their condition will get even worse.
And Cat’s Claw not only doesn’t aggravate, but on the contrary -
improves their condition.
Q. To which countries do you export the common
Cat’s Claw and the new Samento?
A. We sell the common Cat’s Claw in 60 countries, with
Japan being our largest market. In the United States the number of
people using natural products is also quickly growing. But still too
many doctors are blind to natural medicine as they have been taught
to use only chemical drugs. In order to convince these specialists, we
also started clinical studies of the new Samento product in the US, in
California. There are scientific studies starting in Japan very shortly
as well. In Amsterdam Prof. Oswald has used the common Cat’s Claw
for the last 5 years and achieved very good results with daily doses
of 10,000 to 20,000 mg. Since the middle of last year he’s been work-
ing with the new TOA-free type and getting much better and quick-
er results with just 80 to 600 mg daily.
Q. Do you use your super product yourself?
A. Yes, every day I take one 120mg capsule of Samento for
prevention. Everyone should use this product because it can protect
you from many diseases as well as the environmental toxins.
Lechitel Weekly, No 12, March 22, 2001

defeated successfully not only any persistent and inexplicable to
medicine inflammation, but also the most enduring creature on
Earth – the human…
Unlike therapies BEFORE Samento, Samento itself does-
n’t try to eliminate some virus or bacterium, nor some disease
(that’s also called a nosological unit), but gives the patient ener-
gy to fortify and strengthen his own self-healing power that
Nature has built into his spirit, mind and body. Samento doesn’t
act AGAINST, but contributes FOR.
For regulating and stabilizing of the psyche and emo-
tions, the nervous system and the hormonal functions. For stim-
ulating and the even more unexplored modulating of the
immune system.
These scarcely studied natural mechanisms of preven-
tion and treatment are largely but not completely investigated
and explained by a science called psychoneuroimmunology.
Samento interacts with the psyche and the mind, as well
as with the cells, the tissues and the body. It has been serving
human health successfully even before the birth of modern med-
icine and this is only one of the reasons why many contempo-
rary physicians are avoiding it, frightened by it, renouncing it
without even knowing it. Modern medicine has reached incredi-
ble depths, but lost sight of the whole. It gained control of the
cell, but lost hold of the human. The narrow experts have
reached a high peak, but it proved to be a razor’s edge on which
the doctor and his patient are balancing between life and death.
Samento offers something different: a new philosophy
of health-generating influence on the human – seen as an inte-
gral psychophysical and biological system. This is the view of
holistic medicine. The human-patient is not treated as a sick ear
and a healthy arm, an infected tooth and a sound heart, but as
a whole in which every single part and molecule depends on all
the other parts and molecules, and health is the dynamic harmo-
ny between organs, systems and cells, and also between mind
and body, man and man, man and nature and man and space…
Samento – this is the chance of achieving that
harmony called health, as one integral, complex, natural
The Panacea That Does Exist
By Atanas TZONKOV, herbalist and healer, editor
in chief of Lechitel Weekly and director of Lechitel
Health Center (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Even before SAMENTO appeared on the market, a lot of
evidence had been accumulated regarding the helplessness of
conventional medicine on the one hand and the unsuspected
therapeutic possibilities of the so-called alternative, natural or
complementary treatments on the other hand.
If I now focus on Samento, that’s because this herb
more strongly, clearly and undeniably than any other herb or
non-medicinal remedy shows and proves to have an unusually
broad healing scope. And even more important, Samento impos-
es the realization and adoption of new principles, new approach-
es, new concepts that usher in a new age not only in therapy,
but also in medical science as a whole.
In a sense, some time ahead in the future the historians
of medicine will talk about the age BEFORE Samento and the
age AFTER Samento. What are the arguments behind such a
BEFORE Samento there were powerful non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs that only deceived the patient that they
treated him but actually only relieved his pain, meanwhile irre-
versibly damaging his stomach, intestines, liver or kidneys…
BEFORE Samento there were broad-range antibiotics
that saved the lives of some seriously ill people but more often
along with the germs also destroyed the beneficial gastrointesti-
nal microflora, triggered incurable systemic candidiasis, brought
down the immune system, etc.
BEFORE Samento there was surgery, radiotherapy and
chemotherapy that in the rare cases of healing the sick, defeat-
ing the fearful cancer cells and tissues, along with them also
destroyed the healthy ones and the patient got rid of the cancer
but died from the treatment…
BEFORE Samento there were potent corticosteroids that

ter and dignity. These achievements underestimate, ignore,
crush down human dignity and it’s not an accident that a lot of
terminally ill people refuse to be treated by such methods.
Samento, besides other miracles, also achieves
what many are unable to grasp or accept – it keeps, pre-
serves, extends and restores not only health – not any
kind of health, - but a dignified health! A health without
cutting off pieces of one’s body, without transplanting foreign
organs, without poisoning oneself with costly medicines, without
treatment that causes other, not less serious diseases, perverse-
ly denoted by pharmacists as… side effects.
Samento has no side effects. Samento neutralizes
(or at least minimizes) side effects from radio- and chemothera-
py. Samento fights the errors of medicine and society, called
drug-caused diseases, allergies or toxins…
And since people gathered here in this hall – doctors,
pharmacists, patients and journalists – would still like to know,
by force of habit, what diseases and conditions Samento cures,
I’ll tell you – almost any kind, so long is their list… So far it enu-
merates dozens of diseases. This may astonish only people used
to think about sickness and health in a conventional and nonpro-
ductive way: one cure for one disease. It’s a centuries-old delu-
sion of textbook medicine.
From times immemorial remedies are known that heal
dozens of ailments. I’ll only name a few of them, neglected by
deniers of the so-called panacea: speech, i.e. psychotherapy;
food, i.e. disease-fighting diet; mumio; massage;
acupuncture; royal jelly, which according to Japanese scien-
tists cures 82 diseases. Long is the list of herbal plants that com-
bat dozens of diseases. And why should that be astonishing (it
only astonishes the uninformed!), why should that be impossi-
ble! The herbal substance is not some kind of chemical com-
pound, synthesized as a result of 15-year-long efforts by scien-
tists and pharmacists! The herb has been shaped by Nature’s
elements for millions of years, it contains a still unstudied bou-
quet of biologically active compounds: enzymes, vitamins, min-
eral and organic acids, hormone-like substances, alkaloids, gly-
system - THE HERB – is referred TO, united WITH, applied
OVER another integral, complex, natural system – THE
To those who’ll ask how can a cure-all like this exist
when even children know there’s no such thing as panacea, I’ll
answer: a panacea does exist, but…
But there’s one reservation.
If we use the term panacea in its literal sense – “a cure-
all”, - then of course such thing does not exist. But physicians,
pharmacists and medical scientists are using it in the sense that
there’s no such remedy that successfully cures a large number,
for example dozens, of diseases. Scientific medical thought has
been ascending to the medical Himalayas for centuries, develop-
ing medicines and other remedies against separate bacilli,
against specific nosological units, I beg your pardon – diseases,
even against particular syndromes…
What an achievement of scientific medical thought – the
syndrome! Sounds almost like phantom…
So, such and such pharmaceutical chemical cures such
and such disease. And so: scores of chemicals against scores of
diseases. The ancient philosophers however do not speak about
diseases. Disease is an invention of contemporary medicine.
Disease is the peak achievement and the self-burial of the so-
called medical science.
And the more medicines it creates, the more diseases it
diagnoses, the less healthy people you can meet…
The so-called life expectancy is in no way equivalent to
healthy and fulfilling life. That’s because too often the benefit of
therapy consists in adding years to a person’s life (similar to
extending pleasure with the help of sex tools, but worse!), the
use of which is however doubtful. Years may be more, but what
about their quality? What do insulin injections achieve, what do
cortisone inhalators accomplish, what about kidney chemodialy-
sis, organ transplantations… Let’s just stop here!
Of course – these are achievements. But we know these
are regrettable, sometimes even humiliating achievements. And
the human, according to the wisest, is thought, speech, laugh-

diseases and symptoms: digestive disorders, hypertension,
polyneuropathy, headache, rheumatoid polyarthritis,
rhinitis, cough, influenza, arthrosis, chronic fatigue syn-
drome, ovary cancer, colitis, ulcers, herpes zoster, bron-
chitis, gastric colics, renal polycystosis, stress, diabetes,
breast cancer, constipation, lupus, depression, sinusitis,
psoriasis, allergies, cystitis, kidney disorders, hepatitis
C, MS, asthma…
I shall shortly present just a few of these cases:
S.L., 50, Sofia
In the peak of the influenza epidemic the disease got
me bedridden. I had fever, cold, dizziness, painful joints
and muscles, headache, lack of appetite, kidney pains
(because of a previous serious kidney disease), cystitis;
my temperature quickly rose to 39
C. Previously in such
cases the treatment lasted for weeks, I had to recur to antibiotics
and even life-support because of my kidneys…
This time a miracle happened! I started with 1 capsule of
Cat’s Claw Super Strong 200 mg 3 times daily and with Rooibos
tea. The next morning my temperature was 37.5
C and on the
second day I had no fever at all. On the third day I returned
to work – with no pains, cold, fever, cough or cystitis
February 15
M.G., Blagoevgrad
My mother (80) has pyelonephritis, thyroid gland
nodes, colitis, hypertension, and she got the flu
She started with one 40mg capsule Samento daily and
promptly became lively and energetic. She started taking 3
capsules daily and feels good.
My father (87) complained of a pain below the knee,
in the muscles and tendons. The doctor finds it difficult to diag-
nose. After 2 x 40 mg capsules there is no more pain!
Now both of them are taking 3 x 1 capsules and have no
cosides…! Tens, hundreds, thousands of compounds. Some
authors argue that the most widely-used herb on Earth – coffee
– contains more than 3000 phytochemicals!…
This is perhaps more than all the drugs in even the
biggest conventional drug-store!… The vast healing scope and
cure-all nature of Samento is also confirmed by its particular
effects on my own patients. I’ll conventionally divide them into
three groups.
IN THE FIRST GROUP, consisting of 33 people, I
observed the preventive effect of Cat’s Claw Super Strong 40 mg
(1 capsule daily) on people at risk for gastrointestinal disor-
ders, influenza and common cold. The participants were
randomly selected, from 20 to 70 year-old. Two of them have
chronic digestive problems, but did not take medicines during
the 30-day period of observation. The first one, diagnosed with
colitis, took 1 capsule daily and reported an invigorating effect.
The second one suffers from chronic ulcer of the duodenum.
He took three 40mg capsules a day and claims he’s feeling bet-
ter than any other spring and has achieved a relief of his
headache. Only one of the participants has been vaccinated
against influenza. Although the observation took place at a time
when usually gastrointestinal disorders get activated and there
was an influenza outbreak in the capital Sofia, neither of the
participants in this group suffered any gastrointestinal
crises, nor got the flu. One of the patients reported the
appearance of muscle and joint pains, runny nose and other
symptoms of the cold or flu that he managed to overcome in 1
or 2 days with the help of a 3-capsules-a-day dosage.
Almost all the participants from this first group note
they’ve been feeling more lively, energetic and healthy
while taking the herb.
THE SECOND GROUP included 128 participants, both
male and female, with various occupations, age and, most sig-
nificantly, diagnoses. (There’s no other way, we still move with-
in the limits of accepted medical terminology…) For the brief
period comprising only a few days to a few weeks Samento
showed positive, although initial, healing effects for dozens of

6. My digestion has normalized as if by magic.
And all these before finishing the first box. Now I
have started the second one…
March 9
Iva R., Gabrovo
In the autumn of 1999 my husband, 50, underwent a
cancer operation of the kidney. A year later he had metas-
tases in the lung. He was treated with radiation and
chemotherapy. The next examination stated metastases in the
Now he takes his third bottle of Cat’s Claw Super Strong
(TOA-free) 200 mg. His dosage is 1 capsule 3 times daily. Before
starting this he had fever (39
C and more), perspiration,
cough and expectorated blood. Since he’s taking the herb, all
this has gone away.
The conventional medicine gave up his case long ago.
The doctors even gave up trying chemotherapy. We continue the
treatment with Cat’s Claw Super Strong 200 mg (TOA-free) and
some other supplements.
March 10
D.E., Veliko Turnovo
My father is 67 and has a brain tumor, proven by a MRI
scan a month ago. He had 3-4 seizures with froth on his
mouth… He has a memory disorder too. He was prescribed the
drugs tigretol and depakin for the seizures, but with no effect. His
body tingles, he has joint pains, duodenal ulcer, diabetes
(treated with maninil), hypertension (which he controls with
After taking Cat’s Claw Super Strong 200 mg, 3 capsules
daily for 6 days, the tingle and the seizures disappeared.
He feels more lively and alert. He continues taking the herb.
March 11
D.S., 50, pharmacist, Rousse
I have a bunch of diagnoses: severe colitis for 20 years,
March 9
G.I., Montana
I am diagnosed with leukemia. The experts prescribe
only interferon, but it doesn’t help me.
After 2 bottles of Cat’s Claw Super Strong 200 mg (3 x 1
capsules daily), my feet are warm (they were always cold),
the haemoglobin has increased from 9.8 to 11.2, the
thrombocytes are in the norm…
March 9
M.N., 66, Pleven
For years my digestion has been out of order: heavi-
ness, flatulence, acids… My blood pressure is 160(180) :
120(110). I control it with drugs. I feel tired all the time. I have
polyarthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis, in the morning my
fingers are stiff and slightly swollen. I also have severe
headaches. 13 years ago in the Clinic for Professional Diseases
I was diagnosed with polyneuropathy. 40 days ago I had a hor-
rible infection of herpes zoster – antibiotics, aciclovir, oint-
ments, analgesics… Real hell! Unbearable pains.
Under the guidance of the healer Atanas Tzonkov I start-
ed a treatment with Cat’s Claw Super Strong 200 mg. The first
evening I took 1 capsule, the next day – two. And I felt an unusu-
al energy. I would almost fly! This scared me and in the evening
I didn’t take the capsule. From the 3rd day on, I take regularly 1
capsule 3 times a day and the effect is unbelievable. By the
way, I smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day.
1. I haven’t checked my blood pressure yet, but I feel
good and I stopped the drugs.
2. The fatigue is gone.
3. The morning headache disappeared.
4. The morning stiffness of the fingers disappeared
too, so did the swell.
5. The severe pains from the herpes decreased signif-

500 mg (3 x 2) for 2 months, and now 2 bottles of Cat’s Claw
Super Strong 40 mg (3 x 1).
The pains have stopped, I feel lively, vivid and strong.
Two days ago I was examined with a scintograph – the doctor
told me there’s no need to worry…
Now I am taking the third bottle of this incredible herb.
March 17
T.V., Vidin
I had an old (4 years) duodenal ulcer. Before starting
Cat’s Claw Super Strong 200 mg, the clinical examination showed
no ulcer. But I still had pains.
In addition, I have rheumatoid arthritis, constipa-
tion and headaches. I am in menopause. I was suffering.
Since using Cat’s Claw Super Strong 40 mg, one capsule daily, I
have regular bowel movements. Now I am taking the third bot-
tle, but the constipation disappeared with the second one.
The ulcer still hurts. Not strong, but I feel something
strange inside – like tingling, as if a wound is healing…
March 18
M.S., 47, Stara Zagora
Some years ago I was operated of endometriosis. After
that it reappeared. I developed colitis, then cysts… While tak-
ing hormonal drugs the endometriosis is suppressed, then reap-
pears again. Not to mention the side effects of this treatment.
I decided to try with Samento. I started with one 200mg
capsule daily, now I am taking 3 capsules daily. After a couple of
weeks there is some effect. The colitis has alleviated. I had
3 cysts. Two days ago I was examined with an echograph – one
cyst (3 cm) has disappeared
March 18
S.P., nurse, Varna
For years my mother has suffered from arthritis and
arthrosis, exostoses in the neck. Recently she had the flu
and severe arthritic pains, cough… She started taking Cat’s Claw
gastritis with diminished acidity, pyelonephritis, bronchitis
for 2 years, malfunction of the thyroid gland, permanent
fatigue; I am in menopause and my blood pressure is
low: 100:70 (90:60)…
I am very satisfied with the Cat’s Claw Super Strong. The
first 3 days I took 1 capsule of 200 mg daily and felt dizzy… From
the 4th day on, I continued with 3 capsules daily. Before finish-
ing the first bottle, I was literally reborn. As if I had been in
darkness and sleeping till now. And now I am starting to see
again. I feel so much energy. I am a normal person again.
The results are very good. Only the bronchitis is not influ-
enced yet, but I get better. Can I take this herb for a year? I don’t
want to stop it!…
March 12
D.M., Plovdiv
For 2 years I’ve been suffering from hepatitis C. The
doctors, not able to help me, demonstrated my case on the TV.
Now I’ve been taking Cat’s Claw Super Strong 200 mg for
a week (3 x 1 caps) and I am cheerful, I sing songs and do
my work. I feel fine. The thrombocytes were 58, now
they are 75, the other blood values which were not influenced
by drugs, are normal now.
March 16
D.N., Kazanlak
My husband is 53. He has testicular cancer with
metastases in the liver. He underwent surgery but the disease
doesn’t yield.
He takes some supplements and Cat’s Claw Super Strong
200 mg (3 x 1), the forth bottle now. The pains stopped… We
March 17
L.T., Pazardjik
In 1999 I had my left breast amputated. For one year
I’ve been having coxofemoral pains. I was taking Cat’s Claw

ing Samento 200 mg 3 x 1 daily, the therapy brought fast
and unfamiliar effects. What were those? I shall mention but
a few.
The digestive system was normalized after 2 bottles,
the IBS disappeared – that is the flatulence, pains, gases, colitis.
The pain in the ears, shoulders and neck, the stiff-
ness, the fatigue due to the arthrosis, fibromyalgia and
other unclear causes, were greatly alleviated while in the
last 5 months they had resisted all treatment.
The therapy reduced the severity and frequency of
the splitting chronic headache the origin of which remains
unknown to specialists.
The blood pressure returned to normal – 130:85 (90).
The complicated and untreatable problems with the
nasopharynx were alleviated, the mucosa calmed down, the
redundant secretions disappeared, the proposed surgery
became needless
The longstanding incurable neurodermitis and the
constant scalp itching became a thing of the past.
The systemic candidiasis, a result from stress and
antibiotics, is now greatly suppressed, so is the heliosis.
The impaired immune system is restored and its
values are back to normal.
The prostate adenoma is soon to be forgotten. The
usual problems with urination disappeared, as well as the discom-
fort during defecation. The prostate gland size decreased from
6,6:5,5 to 4,2:3,9.
The chlamydiosis, which was treated 5 years long by
all rules of dermatovenerology, urology, andrology, rheumatholo-
gy and microbiology but without conclusively stopping the infec-
tious process, is now under control. All tests are negative.
I shall restrain from comments and explanations, from
analyzing, hypotheses and theorizing. I think the facts are more
convincing by themselves. The future practice of the physicians
will confirm or deny the above cases, will undoubtedly uncover
many new things and, I am sure, will increase the chances for
more health for the people.
Super Strong 200 mg 3 times daily. In the middle of the first bot-
tle the joint pains disappeared and – strangely – the pop-
ping in the neck disappeared too!… Now she goes on with
the second bottle, taking one capsule twice a day.
I had the flu too, in spite of being vaccinated with
Influvac. I had a dry cough and herpes zoster. I started tak-
ing Cat’s Claw Super Strong 200 mg one capsule 3 times daily.
On the forth day the blisters disappeared and the pains
Now I continue with the second bottle – 2 x 200 mg
March 19
IN THE THIRD GROUP I only placed one patient, but
he has a bunch of diagnoses, symptoms and syndromes:
pharyngitis, IBS, colitis, headaches, epicondylitis,
prostate adenoma, insomnia, chronic fatigue, plexitis,
polyarthrosis, periodontitis, chlamydiosis, reduced
immunity, ear pains, early type 2 diabetes, early hyper-
tension, ischaemic heart disease, systemic candidiasis,
breathing and nasopharyngeal problems, nephrolithiasis,
neurodermitis, scalp itching, fibromyalgia, heliosis… He’s
59, philologist.
I want to say, that if one case can be considered as a
proof, this patient proves the safety of Cat’s Claw. How? I
don’t know about any other person who has taken Cat’s Claw for
so long (from the common type containing TOA, 3000 mg), 3
x 2 capsules daily – 18,000 mg in all – for 3 years almost with-
out interruption.
And 40 days ago he started taking the maximal dose of
Cat’s Claw Super Strong 200 mg, 3 x 1 capsules daily.
Side effects have not been found. And the healing effects
are more than a dozen…
First – the common Cat’s Claw combined with proper
diet and other supplements favourably influenced most of the
Second – I want to emphasize that only after includ-

pure form of toxins. We can therefore state the following: an
indication for health is the use of the whole plant.
Phyto products supply that information that the body
seeks but without making it waste any energy. There’s a term -
“alternative” - we use for botanicals, meaning “altering”. In
English the word can be confused with alternative but actually
means “leading to change”. I claim that Cat’s Claw really is a
herb that alters. The basis, the essence of Samento’s action is in
regulating the immune system. Now we know that if we lack a
strong immune system, we are susceptible to anything, from flu
to cancer. I stated just a few minutes ago that Cat’s Claw is a
unique product for the time we live in. What’s so unique about
it? It’s the changes in human lifestyle in the past six decades that
lead to such fatal combinations as the toxin crisis, stress, lack of
movement, etc. What do I mean? One in ten people on our plan-
et suffers from some kind of liver condition and one in four
already has a liver impairment. There are more than 100,000
chemicals in the environment and that puts a burden on the liver.
We also have to face the facts about our nutrition. In the perfect
case every meal has to correspond to a healthy recipe. But in
fact most people neglect their bodies to such an extent that
they’ll eat anything that’s put in front of them or advertised. One
of the qualities of Cat’s Claw is that it has a beneficial effect on
the liver. It stimulates, strengthens and detoxifies it. So Samento
helps the body cope with toxins. But it also helps against stress.
Anger is an emotion that leads to a momentary exhaustion of
the immune system. Just 5 minutes of anger suppress the
immune system for 6 hours. When toxic chemicals combine with
uncoped stress, that results in us being so unhealthy. I believe
that if we use Samento smartly, we’ll be able to turn the treat-
ment in the opposite direction and bring it to a success. Some
evidence from using Samento against cancer shows how much
these positive results would multiply if we created a framework,
a model of proper nutrition. I understand that your country has
a high frequency of breast cancer, as the United States and the
UK. The results from 20-year studies in the UK, that I support
myself, show that the possible cause of breast cancer is cow milk
A Rare Chance For Humanity
By Brian LAMB, Scotland’s number one medical
herbalist, head of a phytotherapy clinic in Caithness, UK
I am in charge of the largest phytotherapy clinic in
Scotland and give lectures in the United States on weight con-
trol, nutrition and diabetes prevention. The aim of my visit here
is not to share with you my clinical experience with Cat’s Claw
but to help you understand how it works.
Let’s compare the mechanism of action of the herbs and
drugs. What drugs do is bring about changes in physiology while
medicinal herbs stimulate homeostasis. Drugs increase entropy
and herbs decrease it; drugs require extra energy from the body
and botanicals preserve its energy. Moreover, drugs are just sim-
ple chemical molecules while herbal remedies have an excep-
tionally complex structure. Most pharmaceuticals involve consid-
erable energy consumption for metabolizing and elimination
from the body. But I’d like to note that my presentation is not
against drugs, I just make a comparison.
While most pharmaceuticals cause adverse reactions in
the gastrointestinal tract and the excretory organs including the
kidneys and the liver, herbals normally energize and tone these
two organs. Cat’s Claw contains alkaloids that appear to have
immunomodulatory properties. We know this plant has two
chemotypes and the unique quality of the Samento product is
that it only contains the beneficial POA alkaloids while lacking
the antagonist tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOA).
Let’s see what the healers in the tropical rainforest think.
They have accumulated knowledge that precedes the one
obtained through chemical analyses. The chemical testing of the
herbs supports what the healers have found out in the past. The
effect of the TOA-free Cat’s Claw is confirmed by the healers
from the tropical rainforest as well as by chromatographic analy-
ses. And so, what’s the answer to the question how Cat’s Claw
works? It acts as a whole as a phyto product. If we only isolate
the alkaloids we shall probably find out that they represent a

effect. Another alternative is to empty the powder from the cap-
sule onto the tip of the tongue and again hold for 15 seconds
before swallowing. There’s evidence pointing that Cat’s Claw
tones and strengthens the heart muscle and certainly lowers
blood pressure. For best effect on the heart muscle you need to
empty the powder on the tongue to take advantage of the resor-
bent properties of the mouth mucosa.
I would advise those of you who use Cat’s Claw for
treating serious conditions to take it along with other antioxi-
dants. The perfect liquid you can take it with is Rooibos tea,
which is antioxidant.
And finally I’d like to summarize: Cat’s Claw is a unique
plant with extremely high density of the chemical information it
carries. It is essential that you use the right chemotype of the
plant - that is the TOA-free type, called Samento. And so: if
Samento is administered within the framework of proper nutri-
tion, it will restore the homeostasis and strengthen the depleted
immune system.
(With abbreviations)
After the conference Brian LAMB received and
consulted dozens of patients at the Lechitel Health
Center. Here are some of his more general tips:
• For the most part of the less serious conditions one
600mg capsule daily is enough but the cancer patients should
take two 600mg capsules daily: the first one in the morning on
an empty stomach and the second one in the afternoon.
• When to stop taking Samento? When you are healed.
The product is not toxic and can be taken for years; the only
condition is to drink a lot of water if taking larger doses. This is
required because Samento purifies the body and especially the
liver, and the kidneys have to eliminate the toxins. I wouldn’t
recommend drinking chlorinated water from the tap. The chlo-
rine in the water reduces the effect of Cat’s Claw, and this is too
expensive a herb to destroy its effect. You can take Samento
with clean spring or mineral water and fruit juices but the best
and all dairy products including goat milk. What we need to
understand is that in fact milk and dairy foods are growth stim-
ulators. If you take Cat’s Claw to fight cancer my advice is to
stop consuming cheese, milk and their derivatives. If you take
Cat’s Claw to treat diabetes, you should replace the bread, which
has a high glycemic index, with low-index products like lentils
and beans.
When using Samento it is important to remember that it
has to be accompanied by proper nutrition, drinking clean water
and adequate physical activity.
Still how to explain the fact observed by many therapists
that Samento cures almost everything?
It is very rare in nature to find a plant that has such a
broad spectrum of different beneficial ingredients (nutrients) as
Cat’s Claw. Our body needs the nutrients that Cat’s Claw is able
to supply.
What are the contraindications? I wouldn’t recommend
using Cat’s Claw in the first trimester of pregnancy because of
its ability to inhibit cell growth. In my medical practice I have
been using very small quantities of Cat’s Claw to strengthen the
immune system of infants after 9 months of age.
The dosage I apply with such babies is 10 mg of
Samento daily, with children older than 1 year - 20 mg, and for
treating diseases - up to 27 mg a day. For adults I recommend
600 mg and for cancer patients - 2 x 600 mg daily. I’d like to
repeat that the herb works better if you keep the proper diet.
Especially when you treat a virus infection, it should be taken on
an empty stomach. For fortifying the immunity of children it has
to be given in the evening just before bedtime. And if used to
treat cancer, the herb should be taken in the morning and
evening. For joint problems and arthritis I recommend taking it
in mid-morning and mid-afternoon with water.
There’s one way of taking Cat’s Claw that enhances its
effect on the liver. Empty the contents of the capsule in 20 ml of
cold water and hold it for 15 seconds in the mouth before swal-
lowing. That way the receptors for bitter taste on the tongue
(directly connected to the liver) are stimulated and improve the

Samento Helps In
Some Depressions
By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yordan Yordanov , M.D., psy-
chiatrist, psychotherapist and psychopharmacologist
I’d like to share with you my observations on 5 patients
with depression over the past month. I’m talking about endoge-
nous depressions - moderate to heavy. The dosage was 3 x 200
mg taken with or immediately after meals. Some of these
patients were on antidepressants - the well-known Prozac,
Ludiomil, Anafranil, etc. 10 to 12 days after adding Samento to
the treatment, they reported a bigger mood improvement com-
pared to the time when they had taken only antidepressants; as
well as a heightened biotone (liveliness), which is very important
in the so-called simple forms of depression.
One of the patients, a 32-year-old artist, reported that
by the 10
to 11
day half of the asthenic symptoms, i.e. weak-
ness of the stimuli, languidness, lack of initiative and difficult
concentration, disappeared and he started working again.
A student from the Sofia University started using only
Samento. Unfortunately she misunderstood the dosage and took
just one 200mg capsule daily instead of three. She too observes
better concentration and easier learning but not sufficiently.
The third patient, a 43-year-old woman with depression,
claims she feels a lot livelier and her associative processes run
better. These are the results with respect to the depression
I have been using Samento myself for three weeks now
for gastrointestinal complaints. A couple of months ago I had
gastroscopy and no ulcer was found. Shortly before starting the
supplement, the Helicobacter pylori test I made at the lab of the
Lechitel Health Center proved positive. You know that ulcers are
mostly being caused by these bacteria.
What were the results from taking 3 x 200 mg of
Samento daily? By the 8
to 10
day I felt a lot more energetic.
The fatigue typical of the end of the working day - by 7 or 8 pm
way is with Rooibos tea, which is an antioxidant and
strengthens the effect of Cat’s Claw.
• The active ingredients of Samento reach the blood
most quickly if you dissolve the herb in a little water. Open the
capsule and pour the contents in 20 ml of cold water, then hold
it in your mouth for 15 seconds before swallowing. If you can’t
do that, empty the powder from the capsule directly onto the
tongue, again holding it for 15 seconds. Then swallow with
spring water or juice. This way the mouth mucosa will contribute
to the faster and effective passing of the healing substances into
the blood.
• Samento can be given to infants as well from 1 year of
age: 20 mg for prevention and 27 mg for treatment. Empty the
powder into a cup of Rooibos tea sweetened with honey. Don’t
add it to milk - this will limit the effect. Cow’s milk is contraindi-
cated for small kids in general.
• Cancer patients should stop taking any dairy products
while using Samento. These products block the beneficial action
of Cat’s Claw (Lechitel doesn’t fully share this view - Editor’s
• When using Samento you should take more antioxi-
dants. One of the best is Rooibos.
• I recommend to cancer patients taking Cat’s Claw to
eat a plateful of raw broccoli salad dressed with lemon juice and
olive oil every day. This is an exceptionally good anticancer food.

The Medical Plant
Of The 21
The Caithness herbalist Brian LAMB is adding his
endorsement to the healing properties of a rare plant harvested
in the Amazonian rain forest.
Since its recent introduction to Europe, SAMENTO has
earned rave reviews from a number of experienced practitioners
for its track record in helping patients with a variety of chronic
Brian Lamb, the most famous Scottish phytotherapist,
shares the enthusiasm for the variety of Cat’s Claw, whose name
derives from the hook-like thorns that sprout from woody vines
which can reach over 100 feet high.
Mr. Lamb believes Samento’s restorative potential for
damaged immune systems can make it the plant of the 21st cen-
“It is a really exciting development,” he said from his
herbal practice at Quarryside, Murkle. “It’s the first time that
we’ve had doctors saying that something from the plant kingdom
is better than what they have in their pharmacies.”
Cat’s Claw has been used for the past 2000 years by
shamans from the Ashaninka tribe in Peru to treat diabetes,
rheumatism and some types of cancer as well as to control gas-
tric ulcers and heal deep wounds.
It first came to the attention of western researchers and
scientists in the mid 1960’s and was accorded official recog-
nition as medicinal plant by the World Health
Organization in 1994.
Used to stimulate the immune system, it was the first
rainforest plant to attract such worldwide interest since the dis-
covery of quinine in the 17th century. While it remains a popu-
lar potion in herbal medicine, it is the relatively recent availabil-
ity in Europe of the rare strain of Cat’s Claw that has caused the
new wave of excitement.
- disappeared. The gases I suffered from vanished, as well as
the heartburn that I previously had to counter with Ranitidin.
I believe this is a novel type of food supplement, having
something in common with the nootropic preparations mainly
used for treating senile dementia. It is known that lately more
and more people are suffering from Alzheimer’s. Samento opens
a new opportunity for treating dementias. Why is it that I sus-
pect a nootropic action and recommend to the manufacturer to
carry out studies in this direction? After taking it for a week I
started feeling quite livelier and found out that the supplement
improved associative thinking. When reading difficult foreign lan-
guage texts, it is easier for me to comprehend them. Judging by
my personal results, I see a nootropic action, which was formu-
lated in 1972-1973 by the [RTF bookmark start:
]OLE_LINK1Belgian pharmacologist [RTF bookmark end:
]OLE_LINK1Giurgea from the company UCB (Union Chemie
Belge). The original hypothesis for nootropic action was later
extended and it turned out it influenced other organs and sys-
tems in the human body too. But I shall not go into details, I
simply recommend conducting such studies to see the brain cell
metabolism since it is known that nootropic agents and particu-
larly Pyracetam, the Belgian Nootropil, the Bulgarian Pyramem,
as well as the Bulgarian combination drugs Fezam, Orocetam,
etc., increase the production of compounds that are an energy
source for the nervous system.

Samento Improves Quality Of Life
By Michael COYLE, executive director and
head of research of the NuLife Sciences Institute,
California, USA
This is a report on the efficacy of tetracyclic oxindole
free Uncaria Tomentosa, which is distributed under the
brand-name Samento. This research has been performed
and published by NuLife Sciences, Inc. based on clinical
observations which were recorded as photocomparative
studies of observations on the Native blood in conjunction
with a coagulation screening methodology known as the
Oxidative Stress Test (Dried Blood Evaluation Screen).
35 subjects participated in the pilot study, while only
ten adhered rigorously to the guidelines of the pilot study
and also completed the course of treatment within the allot-
ted timeline, which was a 6 (six) week period.
The guidelines were as follows: All other herbal
remedies were eliminated from the subjects’ nutritional reg-
imen. The subjects consumed two capsules of 600 mg.
Samento two times daily for 14 days and then consumed 2
capsules 3 times a day for four weeks.
Each subject was at the outset of their participation
in the study evaluated for hypercoagulation, microorganism
presence, degree of cellular degeneration, sclerotic debris,
free radical damage and numerous other parameters too
numerous to mention here.
The following is an outline of case histories of three
subjects who completed the study and includes photocom-
parative microscopic images of the results of the course of
application in each case. The results are typical of the ten
research subjects who were compliant.
Subject #1 - 60 year old female
Outset - December 9, 2000:
Presented with severe arthritis symptoms, compro-
mised mental acuity, weakness and tiredness. Initially
Unlike common Cat’s Claw, Samento modulates, rather
than stimulates, the immune system.
Bulgaria was among the first European countries where
Samento took root with many clinics using it within weeks of it
becoming available in January.
A major breakthrough came in July when the plant was
cleared in Hungary to be sold as an approved over-the-counter
Mr. Lamb said: “There’s huge buzz of excitement as
more and more people see the results it can have. It’s a quite
astounding story.” He reports very encouraging results from
patients he has treated over the past year with Samento for a
variety of ailments.
Mr. Lamb, a qualified phytotherapist as well as medical
herbalist, said the current anthrax scare has underlined the
importance of having a strong immune system. The herbalist is
to attend a conference on Samento in London on Friday,
November 30
, 2001.
The Press and Journal, Scotland, UK
November 26, 2001
By Iain Grant

in teeth, jaw and skull. Hypercoagulation evidenced by
rouleau and excess fibrin development, and accumulations
of sclerotic debris.
Free radical stress, acid-base imbalance and pres-
ence of metals. Parasites, metals, magnesium/endocrine
Completion - April 17, 2001:
Highly improved blood viscosity and coagulability.
Flaccid membrane on lymphocyte at center is indica-
tion of immune response to viral activity.
Microscopic analysis indicates elimination of para-
sites and reduction of free-radical stress. Image indicates
continued metals toxicity, reduced free radical stress and
improved endocrine balance.
Basic overall observations:
All ten subjects reported improved quality of life,
general strengthening, substantial abatement of
symptoms and significant pain and inflammation
reduction where applicable.
Subjects experienced a broad range of improve-
ment of symptoms, such as: reduction of allergies,
reduction or elimination of fatigue, heightened
immunity to amoebic parasites, food poisoning and
colds and flues. Tumor reduction was noted in one
case, complete elimination of growths on the scalp,
non-specific pain reduction, reduction or elimination
of arthritic pain, stabilization of liver function in
Hepatitis C, complete elimination of allergic reac-
tions to dander, elimination of herpes simplex out-
breaks, reduction of blood plaque in some cases,
improvement in gastric function is cases of gut dys-
biosis and elimination of or improvement of bacteri-
al infection.
This study indicates that Samento appears to reduce
C-reactive protein, is anti-microbial, reduces free-radical
Samento was utilized at 1 capsule (600 mg) two times daily.
Results were positive but limited. After 2 weeks the dosage
was revised to 2 capsules (600 mg) 3 times daily with signif-
icantly notable additional benefit.
Images at outset are characterized by evidence of
sclerotic debris due to calcification, red blood cell degenera-
tion and compromised nutrient assimilation. Additionally
there is evidence of bowel dysbiosis in the form of orange
crystalline symplasts or plaque formations, indicating lower
bowel infection. The Dried Blood Images indicate elevated
free-radical stress and metals toxicity, likely due to dental
materials. Also indicated is adrenal stress, liver dysfunction
and bowel parasites.
Completion - January 21, 2001:
The specimen is now relatively free of variations
from normal.
Subject #2
Outset - February 2, 2001:
Subject presented with complaints of heart palpita-
tions and extreme anxiety, which appears to be due to met-
als toxicity, namely from mercury. Subject had recently had
mercury removed from the teeth in an unsafe manner by a
dentist untrained in safe biological methods and was toxified
thereby. Actinomycin crystals indicate infection. Tubular vari-
ants indicate infection and red blood cell degeneration.
Bacterial variants, inadequate protein utilization and sclerot-
ic debris.
Completion - March 17, 2001:
Improved viscosity and reduction of sclerotic debris.
Due to the improvement in the subject’s quality of
life we must presume that immunity has been improved.
Subject #3
Outset - February 2, 2001:
Subject presented with hepatitis C, type 2, extreme
inflammation, infected teeth and sinuses, including auditory
canal. Complete loss of hearing in right ear due to infection

Second Samento International
Scientific Conference
London, England
November 30, 2001
production, improves wound healing, restores the primitive
immune response and generally heightens immunity.
Lechitel Weekly, No 31, August 1, 2002

2001 where dramatic, widespread results came so quickly that
within two weeks thousands were using the product.
Testimonials from hundreds of patients who had obtained results
in the treatment of a broad range of immune-related conditions
simply started to shower.”
This is a part of the address from the Samento confer-
ence held in March 2001 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria:
“Samento, besides other miracles, also achieves
what many are unable to grasp or accept – it keeps, pre-
serves, extends and restores not only health – not any
kind of health, - but a dignified health! A health without
cutting off pieces of one’s body, without transplanting
foreign organs, without poisoning oneself with costly
medicines, without treatment that causes other, not any
less serious diseases, perversely denoted by pharmacists
as… side effects…
Unlike therapies before SAMENTO, SAMENTO
itself doesn’t try to eliminate some virus or bacterium,
nor some disease (that’s also called a nosological unit),
but gives the patient energy to fortify and strengthen his
own self-healing power that Nature has built into his
spirit, mind and body. SAMENTO doesn’t act AGAINST,
but contributes FOR…
In a sense, some time ahead in the future the his-
torians of medicine will talk about the age BEFORE
Director of Lechitel Health Center,
Sofia, Bulgaria”
Real stars of medicine were present
Prof. Henk Oswald M.D., Ph.D., winner of the Albert
Schweitzer award for medicine, flew in from Holland just for the
three hours of the conference, taking off from Heathrow only
minutes after its finish to go back to his research and his thou-
sands of patients. But for this short time he presented such
images, showered with such indisputable evidence even the
Samento Works Fabulously!
The readers of Lechitel know that SAMENTO is an
extremely rare biological variety of the most world-
famous Peruvian medicinal plant: the Cat’s Claw
(Uncaria tomentosa). Unlike the common type of Cat’s
Claw (much more widespread and inexpensive), SAMEN-
TO doesn’t contain one group of substances: tetracyclic
oxindole alkaloids (TOA), which act as antagonists,
reducing its effectiveness. Multiple scientific studies
confirm that SAMENTO is a lot more effective biological
species than the common Cat’s Claw and has exception-
al healing properties. It is estimated that as much as
10% of those using the traditional Cat’s Claw obtain the
results they are expecting. In contrast, more than 90%
of those using SAMENTO are reporting results, and in
many cases the effects are greatly exceeding expecta-
To this amazing plant was dedicated the scientific con-
ference that took place on November 30, 2001 at the London
Heathrow Airport Royal Business Center. If the conclusions made
are to be summarized in just one sentence, this should be either
the statement of the world-renown scientist Prof. Henk OSWALD
from the Netherlands: “SAMENTO works fabulously!” or that of
Scotland’s number one phytotherapist Brian LAMB: “Although
we’re still at the beginning of the 21
century, I think we could
tell that SAMENTO is the medicinal plant of this century. After I
started working with it I stopped using many other herbs that
did a very good job before, simply because SAMENTO gives
amazing results!”
Where are we?
To all conference attendees - physicians and journalists
from the United Kingdom - the organizers from the US producer
Nutramedix handed out a voluminous file containing 157 pages
of scientific papers, reports and publications on SAMENTO. On
the first page we read:
“SAMENTO first became available in Bulgaria in January

Scotland’s number one herbalist Brian LAMB who took
part in the first international Samento conference in Sofia in
March 2001 expressed a similar view: “SAMENTO has an aston-
ishing effect! At first I had been using the ordinary Cat’s Claw for
quite a lot of years and my patients were improving. But since I
started with SAMENTO (and I’ve been treating with it even
babies!) the results have been so impressive that I already
stopped using many other herbs. Yes, they were good before but
now SAMENTO makes them simply needless. SAMENTO is so
powerful it passes the blood-brain barrier. I managed to cure an
astrocytoma patient with it!”
London - Sofia
Lechitel Weekly, No 49, December 12, 2001
most skeptical of doctors and journalists, and lighted up the
whole conference hall with his remarkable noble radiance so that
he made the biggest skeptics reward him with a storm of
applause - something quite untypical of the rigorous protocol of
a scientific conference, held at that in the heart of the United
Kingdom. This incredible scientist who was the first in Europe to
test live human blood in his lab, revealed the mechanism of the
successful treatment of hundreds of patients with incurable
forms of cancer and others completely disabled by arthritis who
have stood up from their wheelchairs and returned to normal
life. From the full text of Prof. Oswald’s report that follows you
will understand how SAMENTO acts on cancer cells and lympho-
cytes. Then perhaps the most scholastic representatives of med-
ical science will understand the message of this bright mind of
the 20
and, even more, the 21
century: “I can’t say to my
cancer patients don’t take chemotherapy. I can only say to my
wife “take SAMENTO and not chemotherapy”. But, I can’t say
that to the other patients because they’ll put me really in jail
when I do that. The only thing I can tell is: “I’m not against
chemotherapy but in my longstanding practice as a doctor I have
never prescribed chemotherapy.”
I’m trying to enter in cooperation with chemotherapists
by telling them: “Let’s work together, I - my way and you - your
way. My way of treating will help chemotherapy become more
efficient and have fewer side effects.” And they convince them-
selves that my patients tolerate much better chemotherapy and
its therapeutic effect is much faster and pronounced in the
patients treated with SAMENTO. Do all oncologists agree with
that? No, not all…”
What is the action of Samento according to Prof.
“Amazing! For colon cancer as well as any gastrointesti-
nal cancer. For arthritis as well as candidiasis of the bowels.
SAMENTO works fabulously also for gastrointestinal conditions
and Crohns disease. SAMENTO is an astonishing antioxidant that
neutralizes free radicals and even the effect of such a harmful
oxidant as hydroxyl, which can destroy the human body in days.”

tion and then you see the following: I now change from the
coagulated blood to the live blood cells. These are the red blood
cells. Between the red cells you see these small points, we call
them somatites. Somatites are very important and cancer
patients or arthritis patients have only 2, 3, 4 or 5 of these small
items, these somatites. So we give the people in terminal cases
Samento and then you can see what we can do with cancers,
arthritis, celiac disease, sickle cell anemia, shingles, etc. These
somatites are not only in the human blood, they are in the blood
of all animals and also in plants – all living things on Earth have
the same somatites.
Incredible breakthrough ability
The natural way to attack the cancer cell in the begin-
ning is through your own immune system and especially the lym-
phocytes. But cancer cells have their own defense system. What
is the cancer cell doing is build a mucous membrane around it to
defend itself, to protect itself. So, now the lymphocytes can’t
penetrate the cancer cell anymore. And when this is in stage
three or four, the tumor cells fence the lymphocytes in and they
are paralyzed. So there is no fight in your body anymore. And
this is why chemotherapy is no good. I found out with my pho-
tos and in vitro that when you give the terminal patients 4 or 6
Samento capsules, then the fence, the slimy substance, the
membrane goes away. Yes, with Samento, and I have over 20
examples already now. And now the lymphocytes can attack the
cancer cell. And that’s so nice!
Always when we talk with oncologists about Samento or
other natural products they say, “No, we have our own tools. We
do radiation, operation and chemotherapy”. But now I say, “I can
help you. You can’t penetrate the cancer cell anymore, it’s too
hard. We can help you that the chemotherapy is working; make
a bridge”. And now they are listening because they didn’t know
about the mucus membrane and why chemotherapy is not work-
ing. And I show them in vitro what’s going on... So now we are
not the good guys and they the bad guys or vice versa. We can
help each other and it sounds ridiculous, ladies and gentlemen,
but the Samento and the chemotherapy have a synergistic
The Samento Phenomenon
By Prof. Henk OSWALD, M.D., presented at the
Samento Conference in London, November 30, 2001
Prof. Henk OSWALD M.D. is the director of a med-
ical clinic and Meditest International - Amsterdam, the
Netherlands; member of the International Academy of
Natural Health Science and chairman of the “Nutrition
and Science” Foundation. Dr. Oswald is a distinguished
scientist in the field of natural health and metabolic
chemistry. During the course of his career he has
received over 70 awards and honors in recognition of his
immense contributions. Included among these is the
prestigious Albert Schweitzer Award for Medicine. He is
the first scientist in Europe to use the live blood analysis
method. His clinic in Amsterdam attends to 25,000
patients a year.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I will tell you about my experience with patients for the
last 2 years. I already worked with the “old” Cat’s Claw with a lot
of success. But now with Samento I give 2 tablets rather than 12
or 20 to have the same result and even better.
First of all I want to tell you what I do in just 5 minutes
with my blood tests. When my patients enter my laboratory, I
take a little bit of blood from the finger and I do two tests with
that small blood drop. One is the live blood test and the other is
the coagulated blood test. So, we let it dry. And then you see
this (showing different images of blood on the projector): a
healthy version - no white spots, nice fiber net, really nice color.
That’s a healthy person, you don’t see it anymore.
Now I’ll let you see what you can see here, this is can-
cer. These are holes in the intestinal tract, leaky gut syndrome;
this is lung cancer; this is rheumatism. All of these diseases later
on we can treat through Samento. The white flecks are the tox-
ins the cancer cell or the cancer tumor is producing. The magni-
fication here is 600 times. That is my microscope for the live
blood cells with which you can make a 15,000 times magnifica-

lymphocytes, so they can do the job and Samento can do the
job. Yes, it concerns all types of cancer. I do prostrate cancer,
lung cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer. It’s an amazing prod-
uct; you have results even in terminal cases. Now see what
Samento is doing in a couple of months. You can see the differ-
ence, look at the cancer pictures – the cancer cells always have
sharp edges, the fibrin is away, and the somatites are almost
I treated about 20 patients with arthritis. This is (a pic-
ture of) an arthritis patient, 62 years old. There you see the cells
- very bad, the form is completely changed. After 2 months with
Samento (3 capsules a day) the spots are smaller, the cells are
already better; after 5 months practically back to normal. This is
real experience and I did this with a lot of patients. This system
is so nice: I can follow the patients step by step, making these
tests every month or two.
Here’s another patient, in a wheelchair. Look at this –
the same, white spots, terrible condition… After 2 months it’s
already better, after 4 months – back to normal. That man is
coming now to my office, no wheelchair anymore and less pain
– you see what you can do with Samento. Sometimes I give him
4 capsules a day and maintenance 2 or 1 a day, but still he’s
doing fine; only sometimes in winter when it’s cold and wet he
has a little bit of pain and then I tell him to increase the dosage
and take 2 or 3 capsules a day.
I think you know all about free radicals. When the super-
oxide combines with hydrogen peroxide a very dangerous com-
pound is formed – hydroxyl; in a split second it can ruin the
whole body. In the early days we attacked them with superoxide
dismutase and then the hydrogen is catalyzed. Now in the last 6
months I did it only with Samento. What is Samento doing: it
helps the liver to produce more scavengers that take care of the
free radicals – very, very important when you have degenerative
diseases and so on. I have a lot of success also with Candida.
Combining chemotherapy with Samento gives good
results, fewer side effects, less pain and the patients feel really
great. I don’t say I can heal cancer but I can lengthen their life,
effect, they help each other. So when the patient has chemother-
apy every three weeks sometimes, in those three weeks we have
time enough to give the Samento.
And what is the chemo doing? There are all other meas-
urements, but let’s say the blood count is 5 – the white cells and
the red cells. When you have chemotherapy, after a couple of
weeks it goes to 4, then 3, then 2 and oncologists say, “We have
to stop the chemotherapy. The count of the cells is too low.” Now
in that 3 weeks time it’s 5 in the beginning, then goes to 4, goes
to 3, but never to 2, and goes up to 4 after 3 months time with
Samento – that’s the experience I have with my patients. So
they can continue with chemotherapy.
A bridge between Samento and oncology
I’m not against chemotherapy but if my wife had cancer
I’d never permit it. So I must find a bridge between the two and
now there are already oncologists that are giving the Samento
in that 3 weeks period. It takes care of the mucous fence around
the cancer cells, it doesn’t paralyze the lymphocytes so the
chemotherapy can do the job and the lymphocytes can do the
When the patient has no chemotherapy, it’s the same
story and that’s important. The blood count never falls too low
and after a couple of months it goes back to 4, which is quite
normal, only with Samento in terminal cases: 3 x 2 capsules a
day and then later on 2 x 2 for maintenance, and I can tell you
there are no side effects at all. Here you can see the fence sur-
rounding the cancer cells and after 5-6 weeks with Samento it’s
back to normal and then you can attack the disease. The dosage
and duration of the treatment with Samento depends on how far
the cancer has advanced. When you give 6 capsules a day -
about 3 to 4 weeks, and then you can see on my pictures that
it’s away. Don’t forget that you can talk about terminal cancer,
stage 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Only in terminal cases the cancer cell will
immediately build that fence around it. But it doesn’t attack the
lymphocytes from the beginning, only when in stage 4 it will par-
alyze the lymphocytes too. And then you can see how in 4-5
weeks of treatment with Samento there is no fence around the

prostate cancer you usually do PSA. At the beginning it is very
high – 65. Then I give Samento. After one month it falls to 50,
after two months with Samento 3 capsules daily it falls to 40,
and now I have patients who have managed to return to the nor-
mal levels: 10-12.
The highest dosage of Samento I have given is 6 cap-
sules daily in terminal cases. I haven’t seen any side effects.
Samento Protocols
Applied By Prof. Henk Oswald
Adenocarcinoma (fast growing cancer)
3 x 2 capsules (6) daily
If an examination after 3 months shows that the patient
is improving decrease dosage to 2 x 2 capsules (4) daily.
Prostate cancer
2 x 2 capsules (4) daily
If the PSA is reduced: 3 x 1 capsules (3) per day
Maintenance dosage: 2 capsules daily
If chemotherapy is involved: 3 x 2 capsules (6) daily
during therapy
Cancer with chemo treatment:
3 x 2 capsules (6) daily
After chemotherapy: 2 x 2 capsules (4) daily
After six months: 2 capsules daily
2 x 2 capsules (4) daily
Slowly decreasing till 2 capsules daily
3 x 2 capsules (6) daily
2 x 2 capsules (4) daily after an examination shows the
melanoma is shrinking
Before an operation: 3 x 1 capsules (3) daily
6 weeks after the operation: 2 x 2 capsules (4) daily
Maintenance: 2 capsules daily
they have no pain and they feel great – in terminal cases. I have
always worked with cancer, the last time two years ago with
Galavit from Russia. But I don’t use it anymore, now I have
Samento. Samento is doing a better job and the treatment with
Galavit is much more expensive – more than 7,000 dollars, while
the treatment with Samento costs around 500-600 dollars.
What’s the better choice for cancer patients?
Sometimes the whole family of a cancer patient comes
to me asking, “What can we do?” It’s very difficult. I can’t say to
the patients, “Don’t take chemotherapy”. They’ll put me in jail
immediately. I can only say, take chemotherapy, then in the
meantime in that 3 weeks period take Samento.
But I have more results with only Samento. When we
have 100 patients with the same cancer in the same stage and
when 50 go to the hospital to take chemotherapy and 50 are
treated by me with 6 Samento capsules daily, I have a better
success because Samento alone can do the job. I have a lot of
examples. But I can say that to you, I can’t tell it to the cancer
But, now, I found a bridge between chemotherapy and
Samento. That’s fantastic. Now I can convince oncologists to
work together. And they say okay, when of course the patient
agrees. That’s already fantastic that they are doing that. Not all,
oh no… But some do and they see the results.
And also in vitro, when you take a small tumor (that’s a
lot of cancer cells) and you put it in extract from Samento (I
made an extract by myself), in 3 weeks you see the tumor
shrinking. First of all the membrane, the fence around the can-
cer cells goes away and then you can see the tumor slowly
(Remark from the audience: The shrinkage of the tumor
is not necessarily due to Samento, but simply because it has
been removed!)
- Yes, but when you do the same in water or in alcohol,
does it change? That’s my answer. Of course I put pieces of the
tumor in different media, I’m not stupid! (Laughs heartily).
You all know what PSA is. When you have a patient with

The Healing Range of Samento
By Atanas TZONKOV, herbalist and healer, editor
in chief of Lechitel Weekly, founder and director of the
Lechitel Health Center
The statements and conclusions contained in this report
are the result of a 7-year-long therapeutical experience with the
common (TOA-containing) Cat’s Claw and a 10-month treatment
practice with Samento (TOA-free Cat’s Claw). Although the sub-
ject of our conference is the herbal product Samento, I also refer
to the common Cat’s Claw because as far as I’m concerned, its
use in treating thousands of patients opened the door for the
more effective application of Samento and allowed for fruitful
comparisons between the two products, for finding the optimal
dosage in the treatment with Samento, etc.
One of the biggest problems that arise in the treatment
with Samento is the disbelief among doctors and patients that
it’s possible to have a remedy with such a broad range of effec-
tiveness as Samento claims to have. This kind of skepticism
springs from the outdated and erroneous notions in contempo-
rary medicine for such concepts as “diagnosis”, “disease”, “noso-
logical unit”, as well as the fact that the majority of the conven-
tional physicians are not acquainted with the actual healing
mechanisms of herbs that are essentially different from the
pharmaceutical medicine, still dominant worldwide. These ques-
tions were discussed in more detail in my report at the First
International Conference for Samento that took place in Sofia on
March 22
of this year. That’s why I’m not going to repeat them
now. The treatment with Samento, its prosperity and recognition
in both medical science and the mind of the public will be
delayed and seriously impeded until a reform in clinical thinking
or, if you prefer, the revolutionary change that already has begun
in this field, is carried out. This unique plant species and
herbal product – Samento – is offering the best chance
for the development of a new kind of medicine in the
third millennium – kinder and safer, more effective,
Colitis, Crohn’s disease and other intestinal tract
Light cases: 2 capsules daily
Serious cases: 3 capsules daily
Maintenance dosage: 1 capsule daily
Before, during and after operation for 4 weeks: 2 x 2
capsules (4) daily
Gluten intolerance (celiac disease)
Light cases: 1 capsule daily
Severe cases: 2 capsules daily

tions: hypertension, influenza (which I already spoke about),
rhinitis (including hay fever), edemas with various origins,
herpes, sinusitis, gastrointestinal problems – ulcers,
gastritis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation,
etc., conjunctivitis, urinary infections (including dysuria -
difficult urination), hepatitis C, allergies with different etiolo-
gy, pharyngitis, rheumatoid polyarthritis, fibromyalgia,
ischaemic heart disease, stenocardia, cysts, prostate
adenoma, menstrual cycle irregularities, severe and unsus-
ceptible to other treatments hemorrhages, lung emphyse-
ma, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, asthma, involuntary
urine leaking, tumors – benign and malignant,
endometriosis, chronic fatigue syndrome… The list can be
extended further but our trials and observations also continue,
especially those related to cancer diseases. We have achieved
indisputable results in patients in the terminal stages of
different kinds of cancer (of the uterus, bladder, breast,
etc.) – results that proved unattainable with the tradi-
tional anticancer therapies (surgery, chemotherapy,
hormonal treatment, radiotherapy): normalization of the
tumor markers and the characteristic pathological deviations,
restoring of the normal blood values, discontinuing of uncon-
trolled haemorrhages, removal of the pain that renders unnec-
essary all the drugs with analgesic properties, etc. All these
cases are well illustrated by systematic laboratory and other
The range of diseases, including such until recently con-
sidered incurable, which however yield before the potent healing
power of Samento, will undoubtedly grow. Diseases are invent-
ed by medical minds. In fact Samento doesn’t care about dis-
eases – it cures the person or, even more precisely, helps the
human body cure itself. But these again are questions of the
fundamental medical science.
3. Does Samento have any side effects?
I personally suppose that some day such might be dis-
covered. But for the time being the treatment of over
more humane, more dignified for Homo sapiens.
Since the time is limited, I won’t enter into the details of
the treatment with Samento. Instead I’ll try to give an answer to
some of the most pressing questions which are also the most
often posed by scientists, doctors and patients alike.
1. Does Samento treat acute or chronic condi-
In the medical literature has been established a deeply
erroneous notion, of non-medical origin, that the herbs are
appropriate only for milder or chronic conditions and that the
serious medicine is made with a scalpel and antibiotics, cortisone
drugs, etc. Nothing could be more wrong than that and the
proofs are countless, but undoubtedly the most impressive is the
treatment of the influenza infection with Samento. There are
dozens of patients in our therapeutical practice that recover from
the flu – not symptomatically but definitively – for not longer
than 2 days (48 hours). Conventional medicine does not
dispose of any such treatment against influenza.
Moreover, in our practice there hasn’t been a single patient who
hasn’t managed to recover from the flu in 48 hours. In one case
a 3-year-old child was cured just in 24 hours. The child’s temper-
ature was 40
C in the morning and after taking one well meas-
ured dose of Samento, that is to say in 4 hours, it returned to
2. Which or how many diseases are treated with
The answer in this case raises fundamental questions of
the medical science and our conclusions, which are only based
on countless facts, are causing embarrassment and nearly indig-
nation among the medical professionals who still think in the
canons of Paracelsius and Hippocrat.
According to modern classification of diseases,
our medical practice has listed more than 101 of them
that are susceptible to treatment with Samento or influ-
enced to an extent unachievable with any of the reme-
dies of the conventional medicine today.
I’ll mention but a few of the successfully treated condi-

The Herb For Our Age
By Brian LAMB, phytotherapist, founder and head
of a naturopathic clinic in Scotland
I started using the ordinary TOA-containing Cat’s Claw.
The first thing that got me interested is that you should be using
it to treat Crohn’s disease. Anyone that has worked with Crohn’s
disease knows how difficult it is, you only got steroids. I started
to get people better with the TOA-containing Cat’s Claw. I than
started to expand my use of the ordinary Cat’s Claw and found
that it was very powerful on the immune system. And that let me
on to using Cat’s Claw to support the immune system rather than
the herb that I have used for many years - Echinacea. Then I
heard about this astonishing Samento. And certain herbs that I
have used when I started I don’t use at all anymore. They seem
to be weak and ineffective. They were very good all these years
ago but now we are moving on to with things that are important
for this age and I do believe that Samento is that herb for this
age. As I started to use Samento on cancer patients I was care-
ful, I made no claims, offered no treatment. People come to me
(I am treating several patients right now) in a terminal condition
where the doctors said, “We can do no more”, and I have seen
some astonishing things happen. I have reason to believe that
Samento crosses the blood-brain barrier because I believe that
it is antiparasitic on the brain. I have at the moment a 55-year
old man who was sent home in a terminal condition with astro-
cytoma - inoperable brain cancer, and sent home to die. I have
been treating the man with Samento and much to everyone’s
astonishment his right arm which had no power has almost the
same power as his left hand now. He was taking the Samento
capsules 2-3 times a day during his radiotherapy and he had no
side effects. I gave him one or to other things as well, but I have
no doubt that it is the Samento which is doing it. He has his
speech come back, he can write the alphabet, he can converse
reasonably well, and he walks half an hour a day. A few days ago
the doctor came in and said “this is astounding, we don’t know
2000 patients has proved no such effects. In fact the side
effects and the toxicity problem for Samento are related to the
product’s dosage. This is a question to be still examined with the
best possible precision and a bigger number of live subjects. In
my experience Samento has been used effectively and without
any problems by people ranging from a 10-month baby to a 92-
year-old woman. I count with a documented case of prolonged
application of the common Cat’s Claw (18.000 mg daily) for a
period of 3 years and then Samento 600 mg (with an average
dosage of 3 x 1 capsule daily) in the course of 10 months with
three or four 5-day breaks, and the patient is in good shape,
without any indications of toxicity. During all these years system-
atic tests of the liver, blood, etc. have been made.
According to what I have witnessed in my practice,
Samento isn’t liable to a unified specifying of the dosage as the
patients cannot be subject to unifying – every one of them needs
an individual approach, a designation of a complex therapy ade-
quate to the competently diagnosed condition of the patient.
Samento can be prescribed as an independent therapy, prefer-
ably accompanied by Rooibos tea, and it can be also combined
with some suitable natural products that increase its fantastic
healing effect even more. In some cases its use is recommend-
able along with antibiotics, corticosteroids, chemotherapy or
radiotherapy, but this concept still awaits the serious involve-
ment of the medical researchers.

and it is to put it on the tongue, because the bitter receptors
connected to the liver will have an immediate effect and also
these components will go through the mucous membrane of the
mouth and prevent them being passed through the liver on the
first pass. I give Samento early in the morning and it is better to
give it slightly apart from food, and in the evening I give a gen-
eral herbal tonic. But my instructions are don’t give anything
close to Samento, I don’t know why, but it seems to be the case.
I wouldn’t suggest to use Samento with vitamins, because it
does not want to be interfered with. Babies can be given very
small amounts, milligram doses, maybe 1-2 drops of a 1:1
extract, so they get maybe 1/40 of the gram (25 mg). There is
another strange thing I noticed with children who take Cat’s
Claw, which is intensely bitter: they actually get to anticipate
taking it, as if their bodies are realizing that there is something
quite remarkable in this herb.
Samento must be seen as a healing totality, and that is
what makes it so exciting for me - it hasn’t been interfered with,
hasn’t been standardized or extracted. I have treated viral infec-
tions, respiratory infections and I much prefer Samento to
Echinacea, because I believe this is the herb for now, it’s passed
the Echinacea and it is a total system herb. And especially now
with the worldwide fear of the immune system being breached
from all sorts of things, it would be very wise to take Samento
as a preventative. I think it would be a tremendous policy for
what is happening, whatever herb he is taking, he is taking the
right herb. He was a man expected to die”. His seizures are vir-
tually nonexistent, he is putting on weight, and the doctor is say-
ing he can do all his everyday work in the house. He is now
down to three capsules Samento a day. So it is quite astonish-
I have another patient who had bowel cancer who
received surgery, chemotherapy and recently was expressing
some severe respiratory stress, so bad that she could hardly tell
me the problem. Within one day of taking Samento something
astonishing happened - I met this woman in the supermarket
and had a 10-minute conversation with her, and she said some-
thing amazing has happened to her body.
Another case is interesting. I visited a woman the other
day who has a secondary bowel cancer. It was a very difficult sit-
uation, because there was virtually no movement through the
bowels, and within one minute of taking 1 Samento capsule she
experienced a very severe pain, which is unlike the other that
she has been having.
The last case I had is very interesting indeed only
because I believe Samento passes the blood-brain barrier. A man
came to see me the other day with motoneuron disease, and we
all know how sad that it is. The latest thinking on motoneuron
disease is that it is a parasite or virus in the brain. If Samento is
antiparasitic, antiviral and if it does cross the blood brain barri-
er, I may have some very exciting news. In any case I do believe
that Samento is an herb for these times. And why do I think it is
so much better than this synthetic product that has been devel-
oped in Austria? It is simple: the Nutramedix product is the
whole plant for the whole man and it has got a whole spectrum
of phytochemicals without having things removed that may be
vital for the efficacy of the product. So I do support this thought
of using this rare Samento in its entirety, absolutely pure and
unrefined. So I am very excited about Samento. This is just the
beginning, what I am looking forward to is more practitioners
taking this into uncharted territory.
I believe there is a very good way of taking Samento

or so it’s accumulated at a very diverse population of life forms.
This concept of the leaky bowel syndrome seems to satisfy some
doctors’ understanding of why there can be such a diverse array
or constellation of symptom patterns, diagnostic categories that
can respond when you treat this leaky bowel. Essentially what
we’re talking about here is a failure of the filtration mechanism
to keep out large molecules which then result in the body’s
developing antibodies or some type of reactivity to these macro-
molecules. And as a result you get symptoms - you can get joint
symptoms, mental symptoms, cardiovascular symptoms; any
number of combinations you can think of and of course that’s
depending on each individual’s uniqueness and so forth.
And now I’d like to go back to Cat’s Claw. According to
the most recent studies published it’s a fair assumption that Cat’s
Claw is definitely modifying the expression of tumor necrosis fac-
tor from the body. This has been studied in various systems and
I think it closely parallels what we’re finding with rheumatoid
arthritis and some of the other inflammatory conditions that
people are responding to with Samento. It’s the TOA-free form
of Cat’s Claw that’s modifying the tumor necrosis factor.
Let’s not forget that there are many other substances in
Cat’s Claw that are responsible for its overall benefit - antiviral
compounds, antimicrobial compounds, potentially antiparasitic
compounds, antioxidant compounds and compounds causing
changes in the lining of the blood vessels or endothelial cells that
result in the release of as yet unknown messenger molecule that
is modifying the function and the expression of the immune sys-
tem, namely the lymphocyte populations and the macrophages.
This is particularly important in the area of cancer.
The pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids (POA) have an
immunomodulating effect on the immune system. They increase
the absolute numbers of the lymphocyte population but they
don’t have a cytotoxic effect and they don’t have an effect on the
overall white blood cell count. That’s really interesting property
and they also have a kind of cytostatic effect on blast cells,
which is to say pre-cancer cells in the lymphocytes.
We plan to organize clinical trials for Samento, both in
Unique Qualities
In A Purely Natural Product
By Dr. Jerry SCHLESSER, a well-known US scien-
tist and practicing naturopathic physician, researcher,
developer of hundreds of natural products including the
antiviral drug ImmuVir.
In my experience, which is over 20 years, as a physician,
as a researcher, as a developer of natural products that have
been studied in various medical centers around the country and
outside the United States as well, this particular Samento stands
out most importantly in my mind, because it is an unprocessed
product, which is very, very unusual - to find something that as
a native material can have the therapeutic effects that are being
reported around the world. Also, it’s unusual because Cat’s Claw
and its compounds have been subjected to fairly intensive pre-
clinical studies, in vitro studies, animal studies, toxicology stud-
ies and so forth. So we really have a sense of confidence about
Cat’s Claw and also about the alkaloids and the active con-
stituents that are in Cat’s Claw that may be responsible for parts
of its actions. I also want to say, that like all natural products we
don’t know enough about them and as time goes on we are
going to learn more. Even in the last couple of months, there
have been several reports of newly discovered compounds, new
alkaloids, or precursor compounds.
I’d like to share with you something that is revolutioniz-
ing naturopathic medicine or integrated medicine in the United
States and that is a new recognition for the intestinal tract as an
important barrier, a filter if you will, a first line of defense for the
body. Now there’s a new diagnostic category that we’re calling
“leaky bowel syndrome”. Essentially what it’s down to is that the
intestinal tract’s basic function is to act as a filter and supposed-
ly it’s selectively filtering the things that we need inside our body
and keeping the things that we don’t need outside our body - it’s
like a huge genetic engineering factory. When we’re born it’s
completely sterile and as we mature within a matter of a decade

Third Samento International
Scientific Conference
Florida, USA
May 10, 2002
the United States and abroad, so we collect information and
eventually publish it.
(With abbreviations)

care clinic. General and family medicine are practiced, as well as
several modalities of alternative medicine. The local hospital
supplies most of our standard diagnostic testing with more spe-
cialized testing available at the Medical College of Georgia locat-
ed in Augusta, Georgia, approximately 30 miles distance. In-
house we use an extended history and physical, scalar technol-
ogy, applied kinesiology, and live cell microscopy. In the future
we would like to add on heart rate variability and biological ion-
ization testing.
The dosing schedule used in all cases, unless otherwise
stated, was three 600mg per oral capsules of Samento
twice a day for 10 days. Thereafter dosage was
decreased to two 600mg capsules twice a day. Samento
was taken on an empty stomach, by itself. Other supplementa-
tion (vitamins/minerals) was taken with meals. Concurrent
usage of other herbs was discouraged as it was felt that other
herbs might contain alkaloids with a blocking effect similar to the
tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOAs.)
Beginning in March 2002 and continuing to date, over 60
patients have been treated with Samento. Conditions treated
• Chronic Fatigue
• Fibromyalgia
• Status Post Cerebrovascular Accident
• Chronic Back Pain
• Status Post Breast Cancer
• Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Irritable Bowel
• Candidiasis
• Hypothyroid
• Menopausal Syndrome
• Pre Menstrual Syndrome
• Peptic Ulcer Disease
• Gastritis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Arthritis
98% Of Patients Show Clinical
By Dr. John Kule, M.D., director of the East Aiken
Health Center in Aiken, South Carolina
Recent advances in the chemical analysis of Cat’s Claw
have shed new light on its use as a natural therapeutic agent.
Specifically, it has been found that the clinical efficacy increases
as the pentacyclic oxindole alkaloid (POA) fraction increases and
as the tetracyclic oxindole alkaloid (TOA) content decreases
respectively. Samento is a rare form of Cat’s Claw that has
been found to be 100% TOA free. It is a wild crafted prod-
uct of a unique Peruvian rain forest microclimate that so far has
been found to be most effective in its most minimally processed
At a Samento Conference held May 10, 2002 in Florida,
Brian Lamb, medical herbalist from Scotland, reported that
100% of the terminally ill patients he is treating with Samento
are showing remarkable clinical improvement. An historical
review of the scientific literature on Uncaria tomentosa was pre-
sented by Jerry Schlesser, ND, DC, CNS. Professor Henk
Oswald, M.D., Ph.D., expounded on his experience of the use of
Samento in the treatment of cancer. And Michael Coyle
demonstrated Samento’s use as an antimicrobial agent. This
paper will explore the use of Samento in the primary care set-
All patients were seen and treated at the East Aiken
Health Center in Aiken, South Carolina. The background of the
patient population is diverse. Aiken is located in rural South
Carolina, but has long been a winter training center for thor-
oughbred and standard bred racehorses. Fall, winter, and spring
also see an influx of hunter/jumpers, 3-day eventers and polo
players, and golfers. Local industry includes the Savannah River
Nuclear Site, so the town has an unusually large engineering and
managerial class.
The East Aiken Health Center is an integrative health

The patient was changed to Natural TriEstPro. The Celebrex,
Claritin, and Nasonex were discontinued and SAMENTO begun
at three capsules twice a day. Despite the patient’s initial
skepticism, she has been well with no acute flare-ups. A mild
decrease in fasting blood sugars has also been noted. The
patient continues to do well on two capsules twice a day.
CASE #3 KW, 33 year old white female with a history of
severe asthma beginning after a bout of pneumonia as a 7-
year-old. The patient has had multiple hospital admissions, with
increasing severity and frequency of asthma attacks occurring
the last few years. Her last hospitalization also almost required
the use of intubation/respirator, and did require intravenous cor-
ticosteroid. The patient is taking Depoprovera IM every month,
Proventil inhaler every day, Flovent inhaler twice a day, and
Serovent inhaler twice a day. On physical exam, there was
marked shortness of breath and abundant wheezing in all lung
fields. Live cell microscopy revealed severe rouleaux. The patient
was begun on Samento three capsules twice a day with marked
improvement noted within three days. There have been no fur-
ther hospital admissions to date, and the patient is back to work.
CASE #4 AS, 56 year old white female with a history of
schizophrenia, cholecystitis/cholelithiasis (surgery has
been recommended on several occasions), renal lithiasis, and
poorly controlled hypertension. Surgeries included hys-
terectomy and bladder tack. The patient had been noncom-
pliant with medications (anti-hypertension and anti-psychotic),
noncompliant with dietary restrictions (a hot fudge sundae occa-
sioned her last gall bladder colic), and is obese. The patient was
voluntarily restricted to home. On at least one occasion in the
past, the patient had to be admitted for psychiatric care. Live cell
testing revealed marked spicules, liver congestion, and marked
lymphatic congestion. Prior to beginning Samento, the patient’s
mental condition was deteriorating with auditory and visual hal-
lucinations, and increasing threats of physical harm directed
toward her husband (actually directed toward “Raymond”, but
her husband’s name is “Bill.”) Within one week of beginning
Samento the patient’s mental condition remarkably stabilized.
• Schizophrenia
• Asthma
• Lyme’s Disease
• Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
Out of the over 60 patients, only one has failed to show
clinical improvement so far.
Several case studies have been selected, and are pre-
sented hopefully to illustrate the amazing scope of illnesses that
are being successfully treated with Samento at our clinic.
CASE #1 BK, 48 year old white male, recently diag-
nosed with incipient cirrhosis of the liver. Patient has a his-
tory of light alcoholic consumption but at time of exam was
under much personal and professional stress and was experienc-
ing acute flare up of Epstein Barr, herpes simplex, and
systemic yeast. Physical findings were significant for fatigue,
weight loss, pale appearance, decreased urinary stream, and
moderately tender liver of normal size. This patient began with
Samento one capsule twice a day and then moved up to two
capsules twice a day. Patient was also placed on a yeast-free
diet, AA supplementation, and severe nocturnal cramping was
alleviated with calcium supplementation and a multivitamin/min-
eral supplement. The patient experienced almost immediate
increase energy, increased sense of well-being, and increased
mental clarity. A mild diuretic effect was well tolerated as the uri-
nary stream normalized within 3 to 5 days. The patient also
experienced several healing crises which included liver tender-
ness, bowel inflammation at several sites, hemorrhoidal and fis-
sure inflammation followed by normalization. The patient contin-
ues to improve on one per oral twice a day.
CASE #2 PE, 53 year old white female diabetic educa-
tion nurse. The patient has a long history of rheumatoid
arthritis as well as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus,
and also hormone replacement therapy with synthetic
estrogen alone since hysterectomy in 1979. The patient
expressed a desire for more natural treatment alternatives at her
first visit. Other medications included Celebrex, Claritin D,
Nasonex, and prednisone as needed in acute arthritic flare-ups.

of well-being, increased daily activity, and improved cog-
nitive functioning.
CASE #7 JM, 75 year old white male, with a long-
standing history of anemia. The patient was successfully treat-
ed with whole food combinations of iron and chlorophyll (Standard
Process Ferrofood and Chlorophyll Complex.) The patient then
began to experience gastrointestinal distress and then had sever-
al episodes of rectal bleeding, determined on physical exam not to
be of hemorrhoidal origin. The patient was scheduled for upper
and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy which was delayed for one
month due to hospital backlog. Samento was begun one 600mg
capsule twice a day then increased to two per oral twice a day.
The patient experienced one more episode of gastrointestinal
bleeding while taking Samento, then a cessation of symptoms.
At the time of endoscopy, no upper or lower gastrointesti-
nal lesion could be identified. The patient continues to show
clinical improvement.
In these cases and others, what we have consistently
noted so far can be summarized as the following positive clini-
cal findings:
Increased energy. This in particular has been gratify-
ing when used with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyal-
gia, and depression.
Sense of well being/lifting of brain fog. Current
studies are under way but this finding appears to be
related to the anticoagulant properties of Samento.
Those patients suffering from chronic cold hand and feet
seem to make the most gain here. Also to be explored
would be a positive effect on infertility, especially when
coupled with Peruvian Maca.
Decreased inflammation. Here there might be a
transient exacerbation of symptoms, then a marked
improvement. The only patient in our clinic who has not
shown improvement was one who stopped the Samento
when her symptoms worsened. There was no way to get
this patient to understand the concept of a healing crisis.
Decreasing blood pressure. Almost all of our anti-
The patient was able to leave home and shop for the first time
in three years, and also became more compliant with taking
medications, and improved compliance with scheduled office
visits. It was felt that IM B No I would further improve the
patient’s condition but she would not tolerate the injections. The
patient remains stable on Samento and anti-hypertension
(Diovan) medication alone.
CASE #5 PK, 56-year-old white female, who since 1998
has suffered neuralgia-like pain and burning sensations in the oral
mucosa. Also night sweats, chronic muscle and joint pain,
fatigue, short-term memory loss, and visual blurring
(“seems my eyeglasses are dirty when they are clean.”) Occult
dental infection was corrected with oral surgery and a combina-
tion of oral penicillin and clindamycin. Symptomatic relief lasted
several weeks after which the dental/oral facial neuralgia
returned. The patient subsequently was diagnosed with Lyme’s
disease by fluorescing antibody. Colloidal silver (MSP) was initiat-
ed along with homeopathic Ledum, resulting in partial relief of
symptoms. SAMENTO was added to the above regimen and
increased the patient’s symptomatic relief to approxi-
mately 95%.
CASE #6 FC, 75 year old white male, with a long histo-
ry of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and
depression. Chronic worsening symptoms of fatigue, muscle
soreness, and cognitive loss (“I just can’t think clearly”) had ren-
dered the patient almost housebound. Domestic support is mini-
mal as the patient is married to a sedentary chain smoker little
interested in her own health problems and who ridicules the
patient’s search for health in the alternative medical field. The
patient also suffers from insomnia, which could more rightly be
described as a loss of circadian rhythm as the patient is unable
to fall asleep at night, then chronically is unable to awaken in the
mornings. The patient takes Xanax, cytomel, Allegra, Humulin R
and N. Treatment with Nutri-Spec diphasic supplementation
designed to help restore a more normal diurnal rhythm met with
limited success. The addition of SAMENTO resulted in a
marked improvement in the patient’s energy level, sense

How To Dose Samento
By Atanas TZONKOV, herbalist and healer, editor
in chief of Lechitel Weekly and director of Lechitel Health
Last year I had several occasions to point out that one of
the key problems related to the use and propagation of Samento
is its dosage.
In fact to determine the dosage of a healing product
means to answer at least 95 percent of the questions concerning
its use. Why is it so important and so complicated to answer these
questions? First of all the dosage makes the cure as well as the poi-
son. Second, in order to specify the dosage you should know
something about the contents of the product. Third, for the dosage
to be effective you must know a lot, if not everything, about the
patient and his illness. And fourth, when the dosage proves inef-
fective the person conducting the treatment needs to try and look
into the reasons, and that’s how the new, pioneer steps in medi-
cine are sometimes made…
I already had the opportunity at the First International
Conference on Samento, which took place on March 22, 2001 in
Sofia, Bulgaria, to explain why the conventional standardization of
medicines known to us from the orthodox drug-based medical sci-
ence is practically inapplicable, and useless, as far as herbs and
Samento in particular are concerned.
What I have found out in my practice as a herbalist in the
last more than 30 years in which I have treated tens of thousands
of patients using hundreds of herbs and other natural products, is
also confirmed in my work with Samento.
From those treated only the cancer patients are more than
350 and there are also people with diseases, more rare but consid-
ered incurable, like fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis, glaucoma, MS, etc.
The diagnoses on my list that are positively influenced or cured by
Samento are already 104.
Of course it’s inconceivable that all of them would recede
or disappear with one and the same dosage of Samento!
The range of the healing dosage of Samento varies
hypertension patients have been able to lower their
dosage of anti-hypertension medication. None have
been able to discontinue the anti-hypertension med-
ication altogether, at least at this point in time.
Decreasing blood sugar. All our diabetic patients
have had mild lowering of fasting blood sugars (around
10 to 20 points.)
Increased diuresis. All of the patients have experi-
enced a mild diuretic effect.
Adverse clinical findings include:
Lower extremity cramping. This is easily alleviat-
ed when present by either/or calcium supplementation
and a good multivitamin/mineral combination.
• Several patients have experienced healing crises. In
fact, individual patients have experienced multiple “mini-
crises” with continued use of Samento. No patient has
required hospitalization while on Samento.
• One patient experienced a severe immediate gastri-
tis. The dose was lowered to 250mg each day instead
of a normal starting dose of 1800mg twice a day. Within
two weeks the maximum dose was tolerated.
Gastrointestinal complaints have resolved. This patient’s
presenting complaint was chronic migraine headache.
No change has been noted yet in the severity or fre-
quency of the headaches.
Skin rash. Several of the patients experienced tran-
sient photosensitive skin rashes, none requiring any
treatment other than time.
In our clinic, 12 patients have had adverse effects of one
or all of the above.
In conclusion, as the several case studies illustrate,
Samento has proven in our clinic to be a safe natural
remedy with a wide range of therapeutic efficacy. To
date our patients continue to show remarkable clinical
improvement. As our experience and confidence with the use
of Samento grows, we are applying Samento to an expanding list
of clinical illnesses.

of these cases there’s also a psychogenic factor seen at the base -
the fear of the unknown herb. It makes the body respond with the
mentioned hostility, which is completely surmountable, not to men-
tion that there’s often no alternative to Samento - this product is
the last chance that countless terminally ill people have.
The healing dose depends exclusively on the physical and
psychological condition of the patient. One 60-year-old person with
lung cancer metastasized to the liver and bones whose weight has
dropped to 42 kg (at 180 cm of height) cannot absorb the “stan-
dard” dose of 3 x 2 capsules of Samento 600 mg recommended by
Prof. Oswald whom I deeply respect, while for a patient in the early
stages of disease (bladder cancer), with 175 cm of height and 80
kg of weight, the 3 x 2 dose is not only recommendable but in the
most cases lifesaving - and he must take it… For how long?
This is another key point in the dosing of Samento.
Prof. Oswald, whose pioneer contribution to the elucida-
tion of the cancer process and the effect of Samento on the human
cells deserves our admiration, recommends a 3- to 4-month dura-
tion of the 3 x 2 treatment course for cancer patients.
But for me this is an unacceptable standard. If needed,
the patient can take 3 x 2 600mg capsules daily for six or more
months but this is rarely necessary and it’s good to make short
breaks from 2-3 to 10-15 days if the treatment with such doses
continues for more than 2 or 4 months. In my own practice the
optimal dosage of 3 x 2 capsules is being controlled by precise lab-
oratory tests of the blood, urine and secretions, as well as differ-
ent scans - ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, etc. And further on the dosage
is determined by the progress of the treatment process (or that of
the disease if we haven’t been able to inhibit or eliminate it).
Here’s only one particular example. C.B., 83, was diag-
nosed with prostate cancer in a prestigious hospital specialized
in cancer treatment. Let’s look at one of the criteria for control and
observation of the patient - the tumor marker PSA. In October its
value was 135. After 2 months of treatment with Samento 600 mg
in a 3 x 1 dosage the PSA dropped to 85. On January 9 the patient
underwent an operation. After another 3 weeks on the same treat-
ment PSA was already 36. For lack of funds in February the patient
between one sixth of a 600mg capsule and nine 600mg capsules
a day, i.e. from 100 to 5400 mg daily. When we talk about dosing
of Samento, we need to clarify some points:
1. The single dose
2. The daily dose
3. The treatment dose - for the duration of the treatment
4. The maintenance dose
5. The prevention dose
So far the most unclear and unspecified question is the
dosage for children. Samento is suitable for all childhood ages from
9 or 10 months up. Of course, as I already emphasized, enormous
work on the part of many doctors, scientists and researchers is
needed to get closer to the optimal doses of Samento for children.
While a 1-year-old baby can take one 120mg capsule in two days,
a well-developed 3-year-old can take a 600mg capsule divided in
three. But this is still a single case and so far I don’t recommend
such a dose for 3-year-olds. In this particular case however the
child’s temperature was 40
C in the morning, most probably due
to a developing influenza, and at noontime - 4 hours later - he
already played with his temperature having dropped to 36.6
No doubt some adult patients need a several days’ adap-
tation period to be able to reach the maximum dosage of Samento.
With many cancer patients we begin with 3 x 1 600mg capsules
daily and in a week or two we move on to a 3 x 2 dosage.
The problems concerning the dosage and taking of
Samento mostly ensue not from the patient’s immune system,
exhausted by disease, but from the fact that the ailing human body
is overly “allergized” by the innumerable meaningless (but also
damaging!) drugs and other conventional treatments like radio-
therapy. Such “therapies” ruin the body’s defenses and reserves
even more and some of the patients “treated” that way end up
showing a certain intolerance to Samento that manifests itself in
feelings of tension and stinging in the back, stiffening of the joints
and muscles and mild gastrointestinal complaints or dizziness. You
should bear in mind that this happens to one in 300-500 patients
and the problem is overcome once reducing the dosage. In some

Fourth Samento International
Scientific Conference
Sofia, Bulgaria
October 10, 2003
discontinued the use of Samento for 10 days but at the next con-
trol test the PSA was back to 50 already. Later on the treatment
proceeded with a 2 x 1 dosage of Samento 600 mg (mornings and
evenings half an hour before meals with a cup of warm Rooibos
tea). The last control test from April 26, 2002 shows the tumor
marker is normal - 1.75. The patient feels excellent.
The treatment dose depends on the goal we’ve set as well
as the information we have about the patient. If we are going to
treat a common flu (no matter whether type A, B or a new mutant
form), 3 to 4 600mg capsules daily are enough for the patient to
forget about the muscle and joint pain, the running nose and the
fever already on the third day. Then the dosage can be reduced to
2 x 1 capsules for another 5 to 6 days and if no complications
appear the patient can continue taking 1 capsule daily for about a
month as a maintenance dosage.
In some cases the maintenance, prevention and treatment
dose can prove identical. Of course such cases are rare but they
still exist.
One capsule of Samento 120 mg daily is an excellent pre-
vention dose against the flu, common cold and other similar trou-
bles. However the same dosage proved entirely sufficient to cure
in just a month a grave stomach condition in a 52-year-old woman
that didn’t recede to the latest therapies applied in such cases not
only in Bulgaria but also in the USA and the entire developed
world. I’ll tell you about this case in more detail some other time.
There are quite a lot of examples for combating one and
the same disease with a 2 x 1 (or 3 X 1 at maximum) dosage of
Samento 600 mg in one patient, and not achieving anything even
with the maximum 3 x 2 dose being applied for a whole 3 months
in another patient. And the disease is not even cancer!?
How many more unknowns does Samento hide? I can only
tell, on the base of my former experience of treating over 3000
people with Samento, that this herb has many more useful prop-
erties than we know and than we can suppose… It is the greatest
example that the human health is more in the nature, whose part
are also we people, than in the modern civilization that too often
ruins men instead of strengthening their health.

The Optimal Medicine
Against The So-Called
Untreatable Diseases
By Atanas TZONKOV, herbalist and healer, editor
in chief of Lechitel Weekly and director of Lechitel
Health Center
This paper isn’t built according to the canons of official
medical science since I’m convinced these canons now prevent
medicine from developing and people from receiving decent
treatment, i.e. reasonable, sparing, effective. My paper doesn’t
just infringe the accepted conventional principles and practices
in medicine but also denies them as increasingly unproductive,
absurd, non-scientific and inhumane. It offers new viewpoints on
health and disease, on prevention and treatment. These claims
are based not just on good intentions but on real facts, on prac-
tical results from the treatment of several tens of thousands of
patients that encompass more than 100 conditions, including a
large number of the so-called “untreatable” diseases: multiple
sclerosis, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis,
Parkinson’s disease, influenza, polycystic disease, etc.
The successful treatment of such “untreatable” condi-
tions, or rather of such patients, or at least the accomplishment
of an unseen so far improvement of their health conditions, is
not a fiction, not a fruit of the placebo therapy, not a dream, but
an unbiased and documented healing process.
I wouldn’t bother you with these general theoretical
reflections but unfortunately without them it’s impossible to give
a clear and understandable account of the extraordinary results
that I’d like to report to you. These have been registered in the
treatment of patients with Parkinson’s, cancer, asthma,
hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, chlamydiosis, etc.
It is sad that though I have repeatedly raised the ques-
tion, including on the First Samento Conference in 2001, about
the new medical conceptions on which my therapeutical success-
The Herb That Is Already Called
By Medical Professors
Two and a half years after the First Samento International
Scientific Conference, which took place in the first country in the
world to apply Samento on a mass scale for the treatment of thou-
sands of people – Bulgaria, we once again play host, this time to the
Fourth International Scientific Conference about “the herb of the
century”. This comes as an exceptional acknowledgement for
our success in the field of the best, the optimal medicine.
After the first conference in Sofia (March 2001), the second
in London (November 2001) and the third in Florida (May 2002), we
can tell that the fourth one on October 10
2003 (in Sofia) turned
into an extraordinary event affecting the lives of millions of patients
around the world. First of all because it proved the indisputable
advantages of a new, not strictly scientific and not only natural med-
icine but the best synthesis of both types - a synthesis resulting in a
more humane, gentle and a lot more efficient medicine formulated
by Lechitel Weekly’s editor Atanas Tzonkov as optimal medicine in
his conference report: The Optimal Medicine Against The So-Called
Untreatable Diseases.
Second, because in the opposite ends of the world – from
Ecuador and Peru to the United States, Bulgaria and Germany, the
results accomplished in the treatment with Samento of thousands of
hopelessly ill patients given up by conventional medicine, in terminal
stages of cancer, suffering from AIDS, Parkinson’s and MS, in wheel-
chairs, incapable of moving and talking, have showed that these
patients have improved dramatically or fully recovered…
“This is not a medical plant but a real miracle, an incredible
gift from God!” - such was the definition given for Samento by Dr.
Luis Romero M.D. The same words you can read as well in the hun-
dreds of letters published in the book Samento: Health for Everyone
– the first book in the world dedicated to this unique plant that came
out days before the conference in Sofia.
Lechitel Weekly, No 42/2003

the health authorities of the manufacturing country (USA,
Finland, South Africa, Spain), as well as by those in Bulgaria.
In the first place I most often, almost always use
Samento! As the doctors, by virtue of a bad tradition, most fre-
quently apply antibiotics, corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-
inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, analgesics... As a matter
of fact between the synthetic medications and Samento there’s
a certain ground for comparison: the medications are normally
accompanied by a long list of side effects and Samento is accom-
panied by a long list of healing effects: antiviral, antibacterial,
immunostimulating and immunomodulatory, antitumor, anaes-
thetic, haemostatic, antiparasitic, detoxifying, febrifuge,
hypotensive, etc. This list is extended continuously.
None of the known herbs and contemporary medicines
can match Samento. Samento outrivaled everything known in
therapy on at least several criteria: safety, power and speed
of action, efficacy and a healing range unseen so far. I
already had the opportunity to make my comments on this
“amazing healing action of Samento”, as Prof. Oswald says. It is
built into the herb’s unique biochemical composition. And I
would immediately like to emphasize that every attempt at self-
treatment with Samento, since it is so curative and safe, and
every effort to apply it in serious health problems without opti-
mal diagnosing of the patient, is ultimately not in the
patient’s interest and sometimes this can undeservedly com-
promise Samento’s exceptional reputation.
Here are just a few particular illustrations proving that
Samento can both favorably influence the symptoms and elimi-
nate the causes for a huge number of conditions, some of which
are known even to date as incurable in official medicine:
1. R.R., 80, from Sliven, writes: “At the end of 2001 I
too, the 80-year-old granny, had a BREAST CANCER surgery.
In the first six months I took, as you prescribed, Samento and
Rooibos tea every day - morning and evening, and after that, up
to now, I take one capsule of Samento with Rooibos every morn-
ing. I also use some other products offered by Lechitel: the
Spanish dietary biscuits, Gingkomax… Your magic herbs
es are based, almost no one (no doctor, no expert, no patient)
notes the conceptions but nearly everyone is interested only in
what kind of herbs I use and in what dosage. It’s still good I’m
not being asked what antibiotics or corticosteroids I use, but
such an approach to disease and treatment doesn’t bring a long
way. And I don’t wish to mention where it brings to - the sad
world statistics of conventional medicine is pretty expressive and
The medicine I preach, propose and apply is called
OPTIMAL MEDICINE. Without its understanding, mastering and
practicing it’s impossible to attain and keep attaining the thera-
peutical results I’ve been recording - they are OPTIMAL!
Otherwise with or without Samento, gingko biloba or coenzyme
Q-10, the successes will alternate with failures, the hopes - with
disappointments, the full hits - with woeful mistakes, the initial
improvement - with a sudden funeral… And in both cases the
patient or his doctor will wonder, not being able to grasp why the
patient sometimes improves or even recovers, nor why at other
times he gets worse or dies.
In a nutshell, the OPTIMAL MEDICINE combines all or
almost all the best created by both scientific medicine (especial-
ly in the field of diagnostics) and alternative medicine (particu-
larly in the realm of naturopathy: phytotherapy, apitherapy,
nutritional therapy, etc.). To that I also add some personal views
on the PATIENT’S OPTIMAL ANAMNESIS, as well as the OPTI-
MAL (not practiced anywhere else by physicians, experts or
It’s been said a long time ago that whoever diagnoses
well, treats well. But I shall not interpret these words right now
- they hide the first key to the treatment’s success.
The second key to health is the OPTIMAL TREATMENT
CHARACTERISTIC: diagnostic findings (particularly in the blood
serum and secretions), body weight, unhealthy habits, previous
diseases, professional and family environment, etc.
In my practice as a healer I use only natural remedies:
high-quality standardized herbal and other products, licensed by

two plants and most of all Samento. Two and a half months later
the patient, previously doomed and written off by orthodox med-
icine, went out for a walk (and made the round of the famous
Doctors’ garden twice) together with her husband - the pro-
fessor of classical medicine, the creator of powerful synthetic
drugs who believed in the phenomenal power of herbs and was
not disappointed.
Unfortunately the further keeping track of the healing
process became impossible due to reasons beyond my influence.
4. The patient S.N. from Shumen suffers from HEPATI-
TIS. The blood tests show extremely high values: ASAT - 850,
ALAT - 1980. The more detailed testing found out that the
patient suffered from drug-induced hepatitis.
In spite of the desperation and mistrust that anything
could help her anymore, while still in hospital the patient start-
ed treatment with Samento and Rooibos. In less than a
month the extremely high values of the hepatic markers
ASAT and ALAT returned to normal. After having used 5 bot-
tles of Samento in total, the patient keeps on feeling well includ-
ing after the ninth month…
5. S.B., 68, is a teacher from Pleven. She suffers - or
rather suffered - from BRONCHIAL ASTHMA for 36 years! The
diagnosis had been specified at the University Hospital in Pleven
and confirmed by the National Laboratory at the Institute of
Infectious and Parasitic Diseases in Sofia. The treatment - only
symptomatic of course - included nophilin, clemastin, antibiotics,
syrups, salbutamol. The patient has a proven allergy to dust
mites, bird down and plumage, various perfumes and pollen
from herbs and flowers. She was subjected to desensitization
from 1969 to 1980. The severe cough subsided but the diffi-
cult breathing persisted, as well as the rapid exhaustion.
The use of Becloforte and Ventolin inhalers caused dermati-
tis (rashes and itching).
After a 3-month use of Samento 600 mg in a 2 x 1
dosage with a cup of Rooibos tea half an hour before meals, the
difficult inhaling and exhaling disappeared. So did the
rashes and the itching caused by the corticosteroidal “treat-
restored my blood pressure and blood sugar to a normal
level, and the Parkinson’s I developed a couple of years ago
vanished without a trace… Now I feel lively and strong as a 20-
year-old. Every morning and afternoon I go out for a walk with
my friends, all of them in their 60s and 70s. They tell me I have
the gait of a lass, because the knee pains I’ve had for 20
years disappeared too…
2. Ekaterina Atanasova from Varna writes: “I’d like to tell
you about my sister who lives in the countryside and has devel-
oped PARKINSON’S 3 years ago. Initially she was taking
Lechitel’s products Pycnogenol and Selesan along with the
prescription Madopar. Her condition was relieved, her nervous
system calmed down, but she remained as stiff as before, had
difficulty walking and wasn’t even able to cut herself a
slice of bread. One of her arms was paralyzed. Two
months ago she started taking Samento 120 mg and then pro-
ceeded, as you recommended, with Samento 600 mg. Now for a
few hours every day my sister walks freely, as if she’s never
had Parkinson’s. She can take a bath all by herself and she
can even wash by hand. This is a miracle for us!”
3. The third case is oncological. The patient, E.L., is 76,
a wife of a medicine professor who has created several
renowned medicaments. The woman has been diagnosed with
GENITAL CANCER metastasized throughout the body, in
terminal stage - with pain and bleeding round-the-clock
that could be stopped with none of the remedies offered by the
world oncology. The patient was bedridden. At the request of
her husband her treatment started on April 15
2001 with
Samento 600 mg. I prescribed the following dosage: 3 x
1 capsule, half an hour before meals with a cup of warm
The first beneficial effects of this treatment came on
the sixth day: the pain subsided to such an extent that
the patient no longer needed the conventional helpless and
harmful painkillers, and the constant bleeding stopped! She
was saved and from that moment on every day of her life was
owed to the yet incompletely identified healing powers of the

from 1:264 (March 28
2002) to 1:16 (Oct 30
2002), which is
Seventh, the patient feels lively, energetic and has no
complaints. At her 80 years of age!
It is in cases like this that the advantages of Samento
over pharmaceuticals stand out most brightly. It becomes clear
how and why Samento copes with scores of diseases, including
such that the most up-to-date medicaments are helpless
against. While doctors are attempting to cure with drugs one dis-
ease or another - one drug against arthritis, others against
hypertension, third against cancer, and then adding fourth and
fifth and seventh to get rid of the dermatitis, the drug-induced
hepatitis or the ulcerous colitis, caused while trying to cure so
many conditions with so many medicines that have so many side
effects… Samento doesn’t treat diseases, it treats
By applying the optimal diagnostics, in most cases the
doctor can really reach the roots of the disease, the cause or
causes laying beneath it. This raises the chances not just for
treating, but also for curing the patient. Scientific medicine
talks about radical, pathogenetic, definitive, i.e. real treatment.
Samento doesn’t talk about it - it does it. Such real treatment
can be accomplished also by other herbs, by other natural reme-
dies. Samento just possesses the optimal therapeutical qualities.
We have to admit that Samento is something much big-
ger than our notion, our estimates, our current knowledge of it.
And every future day will provide new arguments supporting this
Pay attention - while conventional medicines are
designed to eliminate at least one disease, Samento never limits
itself to just one condition. This is the moment to emphasize
once again that it can do this job the best if on the basis of an
optimal diagnostics the herb is applied in the optimal dosage for
every particular case. Thus Samento manages to cope with
dozens of diseases and symptoms, including such among the so-
called “incurable”. It successfully restores normal blood pressure
ment”. The inhaler and all the previously taken medicines were
rendered unnecessary and their use was discontinued. This last-
ing effect has persisted for more than 9 months already. The
patient comments upon the results of her treatment with
Samento saying, “I’ve been born again!”
6. J.I., 80, had undergone BREAST CANCER surgery
15 years ago. She contacted me in the spring of 2001 when her
medical record listed the following conditions and symptoms:
bilateral chronic pyelonephritis, chronic gastroduodeni-
tis, hypertension, insomnia, conjunctivitis, vertigo, aller-
gies, rhinitis, tracheitis, rheumatic pains, parodontitis,
itching all over the body, fatty infiltration of the liver…
Until then the patient had been treated unsuccessfully with non-
steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and all kind of
other medicines. Her blood sugar level was slightly elevated, as
well as the blood fats. The tumor markers (CA 15-3) varied from
19 to 52 (Nov 4
2000 - June 28
2001). The sedimentation
rate (SR) was above the norm – from 20 to 60 (between January
and October 2002).
I appointed tests for the detection of Chlamydia and
Helicobacter pylori that no one had done to her before. The
results were: Helicobacter pylori – positive (240),
Chlamydia trachomatis – positive (1:512).
After prolonged treatment, mainly with Samento 600 mg
by a complex scheme, and several other natural products, the
following results were achieved:
First, all disease symptoms faded away.
Second, some of the paraclinical readings move in the
upper range but most of the time remain within the norm (glu-
cose, lipids, liver enzymes).
Third, some other indicators like the tumor marker CA
15-3 and SR have still not completely returned to normal.
Fourth, Helicobacter pylori (positive) was reduced from
240 (on May 9
2001) to 90 (positive) on April 22
Fifth, Chlamydia trachomatis levels were reduced from
1:512 (May 9
2001) to zero (April 22
Sixth, the rheumatic marker AST was brought down

The Role of Samento:
Elimination of Untreatable
By Dr. Luis Romero, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Luis Romero M.D., Ph.D., born in Venezuela, earned
his M.D. at the Venezuelan Central University and served his full
Internal Medicine Post Grad work at the J.M. Vargas University
Hospital of Caracas, Venezuela.
He was a visiting trainee at The Sloan-Kettering Institute
for Cancer Research, with Dr. Felix Wroblewsi and Dr. Mary
Peterman, as well as at the Rockefeller Institute in New York City
with Dr. S. Moore and W. Stain (Dr. Peterman, Moore and Stain
– all Nobel Prize Winners).
In 1979 he was accepted to do his fellowships in
Cardiovascular Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at the com-
bined program of The University of Massachusetts-Harvard
University in Boston, Massachusetts and finished his post-grad-
uate Magna Cum laude. He later returned to Caracas, Venezuela
as Adjunct and Professor of Cardiology and Medicine at the M.
Perez Carreño University Affiliated Hospital.
In 1995 Dr. Romero founded in Puerto Rico the First
International Chapter of the Humanitas International
Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to the design,
development and execution of Community Educational and
Health Promotion Programs. In 2002 he was appointed as
President and Scientific Director of the Humanitas Research
Since 1997 Dr. Romero has been living in Miami, Florida
and participating in research studies in collaboration with med-
ical universities in USA, Latina America and Europe.
Treatment for Untreatable Microbial
Uncaria tomentosa is included among the WHO
Medicinal Plants Monographs, in British Herbal Pharmacopoeia
and in the European Pharmacopoeia PRAXIS.
(lowering the high and raising the low), blood sugar, cholesterol
levels, body temperature and sedimentation rate; eliminates
viral, bacterial and other infections, strengthens the weakened
immune system that in turn completes the overall healing
By reporting these incredible and even sensational
cases, I don’t mean to say that with Samento or other
natural remedies one can heal for instance every cancer
patient, but still I don’t say that one can’t. A few more
years are needed to obtain the clear, peremptory, indisputable
answer to this big question. I’m looking forward to it with opti-
But for the present we already have an obvious answer
to this question: what the herbs can do, what Samento can
do, what Optimal medicine can do? Following certain rules
and requirements for diagnostics, treatment and behavior, my
patients improve subjectively and objectively faster than those
treated with conventional medicines. They recover more often
than reported by official medicine statistics, and even when they
die, they meet their end in calmness, physical and mental com-
fort, with no pain and sleeplessness, no fear and suffering of
whatever nature.
This is what SAMENTO in particular can give to
mankind, and this is what OPTIMAL MEDICINE in general can
give to the world!

selective block of alpha-1 and alpha-2 receptors in
cardiac muscle and other organs: lungs (bronchial), anti-hyper-
tensive action.
Tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOAs) act predominantly
at central and peripheral nerve systems. In the immune system,
block pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids (POAs) actions.
POAs stimulate vascular endothelial cells regulating
VEGF (angiogenesis control). POAs induce endothelial cells to
release a lymphocyte proliferation – regulating factors.
POAs cause activation and regulation of B and T lympho-
Samento is stopping, inhibiting the proliferation of lym-
POAs cause:
Inhibition of immature cells = B & T lymphoblast (spe-
cific POAs action)
Inhibition of DNA polymerase activity (vitro/vivo)
Enhances phagocytosis (vitro/vivo)
Anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory effects
Cytotoxic effect on tumor cell lines (lung, cervical, and
Another very important effect of this gift of God,
Samento, is that it also modulates the tumor necrotizing factor
anti-inflammatory and broad anti-microbial effects
against bacteria, virus and Candida (anti-rhinovirus, VSV-vesicu-
lar stomatitis virus)
anti-Borrellia: research pilot study on Lime’s disease
stave III patients at Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas, March 2003.
Triterpenes & nor Triterpenes:
anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-Leishmaniosis
immune modulator and immune stimulant
anti-tumor and cytostatic, it has been proven benefi-
cial activity against lungs, skin, brain, colon and stomach cancers
Everything is recoverable. As we see in the December
When we talk about pharmacology, we are going to be
concentrating on the active ingredients inside Uncaria tomen-
Uncaria tomentosa’s most important biologically active
components are alkaloids. The most important alkaloids are the
tetra-cyclic and the penta-cyclic oxindole alkaloids.
Unfortunately, the conventional Uncaria tomentosa contains
tetra-cyclic and penta-cyclic alkaloids. And unfortunately it’s
excellent action in the body is blocked by the tetra-cyclic oxin-
dole alkaloids. Many other plants, like broccoli, contain penta-
cyclic and tetra-cyclic oxindole alkaloids. But Samento is the only
one in the world that contains 100% penta-cyclic oxindole alka-
Samento is chemo-type, which contains only Penta-
Cyclic alkaloids. Tetra-cyclic alkaloids inhibit the proper action of
the penta-cyclic as a very potent immune modulator.
Uncaria tomentosa also contains actives:
polyphenols, tannins, and procyanidines
sterols, plus triterpenes as oleanolic and ursolic acids.
The beta-sitosterols are heavily contented in Samento.
Also contains more theh 10 quinovic acid glycosides.
The oxindole alkaloids act mainly in the Central nervous
The indole alkaloids have the following effects:
smooth muscle relaxant
reduces blood pressure
gastro-intestinal mucosa protector
Physiological actions of the indole alkaloids:
non-competitive dopamine inhibition
reduction of intracellular calcium by: inhibition of
using cellular reserves; blocking Ca++ inflow through Calcium
membrane channels

tion as well the synthesis of glyco-proteins. Samento has 6 of
them. Those are indispensable for restoring the cell to cell com-
munication and Samento has 6 of them.
The only creature that contains 8 is Aloe Vera. The
breast milk contains 7.
Therefore Uncaria tomentosa TOA free contains glycans
and restores the glycol-proteins synthesis, which are indispensa-
ble for restoring the epithel physiology
And in case of toxicology, research studies using aque-
ous Uncaria tomentosa extract did not cause toxic symptoms, as
well as any mutagenic effect or any visible organic changes. All
the toxicological studies reveal zero effect in animal or human
In our studies of different type of chronic illnesses and
regardless of the name of the illness, Samento works.
I will present now 2 case studies, one of MC, only 30
months old, with a diagnosis of Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
Treated with steroids, and methotexate, with no clinical improve-
ment. She began Samento plus diet in November last year
(2002) and today she is 98% normal. She has 85% less swelling
and is pain free and recovered her knee functions in about 95%
(mobility – flexibility).
Samento in Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
This one is the most important one. One patient suffer-
ing of PD for 27 years. He is 87 years old. And he underwent all
kind of therapy. Nothing happened. He started treatment with
Samento and within the first week the patient started to
By the third week, patient was walking. I need to tell you
that this patient was end stage Parkinson disease. Couldn’t eat,
couldn’t talk and couldn’t walk. And today he is speaking, walk-
ing, doing everything.
Three patients with acute food poisoning took Samento
and within 3 hours, within the same day, they took Samento
every 3 hours, symptoms were totally controlled and stopped
within 24 hours.
So, in conclusion, Samento’s action is related to the
edition of “Scientific American” the cells, that were thought to be
unrecoverable – the neurons – are recoverable, if you do the
proper things.
Samento works in any disease.
I suffered from cancer disease 15 years ago. I am a
proud cancer survivor. And the chemotherapy they gave me at
the Harvard Institute didn’t work. So I went back in my country
Venezuela. And our Lord saved me, directing me to see a doctor
from India, and he gave me Ayurvedic medicine plus a total of
396 capsule a day, of course I didn’t swallow. From papaya, a
tropical fruit, I was making a puree and I was eating that puree
all day through until midnight, and I am here. In those years
Samento didn’t exist.
And doctors from Harvard University have already
demonstrated the big mistake that the conventional medicine is
doing in treating cancer. As soon as the oncologists or the sur-
geons see a tumor, they call immediately for operating and then
very potent anti-inflammatory action (high concentra-
tion of B-sitosterol)
And this is the action of Samento on the bronchial area.
In three segments of the pathway for developing bronchial
spasms Samento acts. We see people with bronchial asthma for
20 years and gaining relief in three days, using Samento
Polyphenols have:
hypoglycemizing effects.
The procyanidines and tannins:
vasoprotector (anti-oxidant)
anti-tumor (garlic acid)
Samento contains several glycans that play a key role
in helping cells in restoring the cell-to-cell communication func-

Report On A Pilot Study
Demonstrating That Samento
Is Effective In Treating Lyme
Borreliosis: An Infection Linked
To Over 300 Conditions
By Svetlana Ivanova, M.D., Ph.D.
- William Lee Cowden, M.D.
- Hamid Moayad, D.O. – Lyme Literate Physician
- Joan Vandergriff, N.D. – Nutritional Consultant
- Luis Romero, M.D., Ph.D.
- Svetlana Ivanova, M.D., Ph.D.
Introduction and History of Lyme Disease
In the Last decade, the “avalanche” of the scientifically
proven research data on many aspects of the Lyme disease
(Lyme borreliosis) dramatically changed the understanding of
this “mysterious” illness and the methods for its treatment.
Lyme disease was first recognized in the United States
in 1975, following a mysterious outbreak of juvenile rheumatoid
arthritis near the community of Lyme, Connecticut.
The rural location of the Lyme outbreak and the onset of
illness during summer and early fall suggested that the transmis-
sion of the disease was by an arthropod vector.
In 1982, the etiologic agent of Lyme disease was discov-
ered by Willy Burgdorfer.
Burgdorfer isolated spirochetes belonging to the genus
Borrelia from the mid-guts of Ixodes ticks. He showed that these
spirochetes reacted with immune serum from patients that had
been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Consequently, the lyme
effect that Samento produces on the neurotoxins. And the neu-
rotoxins are the most important molecules, produced by Borrellia
Burgdorferi. Beside of that, Samento is a poison antidot
We have one incredible tool for treating anything, of any
age, we have been treating even newborns.
I had a patient with Down Syndrome, in Venezuela, and
she started taking Samento and she was never taken to the
Emergency room with any acute respiratory illnesses. And we
know that Down Syndromes, they create very frequently, acute
respiratory illnesses.
Samento has shown to be highly effective as treatment
for “un-treatable” microbial.
Samento is an active anti-toxican. Is an active antidot as
well as prevents premature aging. So we are going to keep the
Bulgarian younger and younger with Samento. I use Samento
every day and I don’t have any illness and I use Samento
because I want to keep my energy all my life. When am I going
to stop taking Samento? As soon as I reach my age of 130 years!
(With abbreviations)

microbiology, immunology, diagnostic procedures, and clinical
presentation of the Lyme infection, and proposed that there are
at least two similar and unified, but distinct forms of human B.
burgdorferi infection: “Lyme disease” (the only presently
acknowledged Borrelia burgdorferi illness from a zoonotic dis-
ease) and “Epidemic Borreliosis”, in which the transfer of infec-
tion is intra-human (congenital or sexual) and is initially silent or
unrecognized. Being untreated, this infection is life-long, dor-
mant, and latency (chronic, persistent infection), late activation,
and reactivation (triggered by any unfavorable events that
impair the immune system function) are common. Late (more
than one year old) zoonotic disease may overlap both forms.
They also emphasize that zoonotic transfer was likely the initial
route of human inoculation and continues with regularity into the
larger pool of infected humans in zoonotically endemic regions
as a primary or a repeated event through the life-time of the
human host.
The existence of a much larger “non-Lyme” pool of
Borrelia burgdorferi – infected humans with a clinical presenta-
tion of extraordinary variability from asymptomatic infection to
clinically pronounced forms, mostly mislabeled with other dis-
eases, has a global geographic distribution in all 6 continents in
both endemic and non-endemic regions, and far greater preva-
lence (in at least 15.5% of all the population on the Earth).
William Lee Cowden, M.D., a Primary Investigator of the
current Pilot Study, states that “there are very few symptoms
where one shouldn’t consider Lyme, especially given that a quar-
ter of the U.S. population may be affected. It is estimated that
Lyme disease may be a contributing factor in more than 50% of
chronically ill people.”
The latest research data on epidemiology of Lyme bor-
reliosis confirmed that besides ticks, Lyme can be transmitted by
fleas, mosquitoes, mites, human-to-human contact, blood trans-
fusions, gnats, unpasterized milk, and some other raw foods of
animal origin.
spirochete resembling the syphilis spirochete was given the
name Borrelia burgdorferi.
This infectious illness we now call Lyme disease or Lyme
borreliosis, was first described earlier in the twentieth century in
Europe under a variety of other names, such as erythema chron-
icum migrans or Bannwarth’s syndrome.
Number of Cases
Lyme disease is currently recognized as the fastest-
growing epidemic in the world.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta,
Georgia, U.S.A. reports that there have been less than 180,000
confirmed cases of Lyme disease since 1980.
Nick Harris, Ph.D., Director of the International Lyme
and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), states “Lyme is gross-
ly under-reported. In the U.S. we probably have about 200,000
cases per year.”
Dan Kinderlehrer, M.D., stated on the Today Show (June
10, 2002) that the actual number of cases may be closer to 100
times more (18 million cases) than what the CDC reports.
Joanne Whitaker, M.D., who specializes in advanced
testing methods for Lyme borreliosis, suspects that the great
majority of people in the U.S. are infected with Borrelia burgdor-
feri. Dr Whitaker has developed a “Rapid Identification of
Borrelia burgdorferi” (RIBb) test and has over 2900 positive
specimens for Bb from forty-six (46) states, including Alaska and
Hawaii. In addition, Dr. Whitaker has had positive specimens
from Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Scotland, The Netherlands,
Ireland, England, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and the
Canary Islands.
Drs. W.T. Harvey and P. Salvato of Diversified Medical
Practices in Houston, Texas, USA, being puzzled by high num-
bers of chronically ill Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) PCR- and seropos-
itive patients not only in endemic areas, but also in “non-endem-
ic” regions all around the world, analyzed over 300 references on
most controversial scientific research data in epidemioilogy,

ly develops at the site of the tick bite and is accompa-
nied by flu-like symptoms. Spirochetes can be isolated
from the leading edge of the rash. (Antibiotics effective
at this stage)
Stage 2 (Dissemination Stage)– Occurs days to weeks fol-
lowing infection. At this stage the spirochetes spread
hematogenously to additional body tissues. One or
more of the following symptoms and signs may be
noted: fatigue, chills and fever, headache, loss of
appetite, muscle and joint pain, “migratory arthritis”,
swollen lymph nodes, secondary annular skin lesion.
Stage 3 (Persistent Infection / Chronic Lyme Disease) -
Weeks, months, or years after a tick bite or other expo-
sure to Borrelia burgdorferi;
Common clinical manifestations at this stage include:
Profound fatigue, Severe neurological symptoms,
Cardiac involvement, Memory loss, Cognitive dysfunc-
tion, Concentration and Thinking Problems, Migratory
pain to joints, tendons and muscles, Oligoarthritis;
Nervous System abnormalities can include numbness,
pain, Bell’s palsy (paralysis of the facial muscles, usu-
ally on one side), meningitis and/or encephalitis (fever,
stiff neck, severe headache, emotional instability, per-
sonality changes).
Joseph J. Burrascano JR., M.D., one of the world leading
specialists in Lyme disease, considers “Lyme disease” to be “not
simply an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi, but complex illness
potentially consisting of multiple tick-derived co-infections; in
late stages, it also includes collateral conditions resulting from
being ill with multiple pathogens, each of which can have pro-
found impact on the person’s overall health”.
The most common microbial co-infections in Lyme dis-
ease are: Babesia, Ehrlichia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma,
Chlamydia, Viruses (mostly often - CMV, HSV1, HSV2).
Association of these infections in chronically ill patients
Frequently Misdiagnosed
Katrina Tang, M.D., HM.D., Medical Director of the
Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A., states that
Lyme Disease eludes many doctors because of its ability to
mimic many other diseases. According to an informal study con-
ducted by the American Lyme Disease Alliance (ALDA), most
patients diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are
actually suffering from Lyme disease. In a study of 31 patients
diagnosed with CFS, 28 patients, or 90.3% were found to be ill
as a result of Lyme.
Dr. Paul Fink, past president of the American Psychiatric
Association, has acknowledged that Lyme disease can contribute
to every psychiatric disorder in the Diagnostic Symptoms Manual
IV (DSM-IV). This manual is used to diagnose psychiatric condi-
tions such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), antisocial person-
ality, panic attacks, anorexia nervosa, autism and Aspergers syn-
drome (a form of autism).
Lyme disease has often been misdiagnosed as various
allergic conditions, Alzheimer’s Disease, Attention Deficit
Disorder (ADD), Autism, Chronic Candidiasis, Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Epstein Barr Infection, Fibromyalgia,
Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Headaches (severe), Hypothyroidism,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lou
Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), Lupus, Ophthalmologic Disorders,
Parkinson’s Disease, Pseudo-tumor Cerebri, Rheumatoid
Arthritis, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome, Trigeminal
Neuralgia, Multiple Sclerosis. Additionally, Lyme disease has
been misdiagnosed as a neuro-psychiatric problem such as
Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia.
Tracking the world-wide data on diagnosis and clinical
presentation of Lyme borreliosis, it has been shown that this
infection has been linked to over 300 conditions and illnesses.
Stages of Lyme Disease (Zoonotic Case)
Stage 1 (Early Infection) – Bull’s eye rash (25%) that usual-

tem to normal functioning, but to boost it as well. Even a nor-
mal functioning immune system is unable to attack and eliminate
Bb in all its forms.
The results of research on Samento (TOA-free
Chemotype of Peruvian Cat’s Claw) demonstrate its powerful
immune system modulating and stimulating properties, along
with pronounced anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-infec-
tious effects. The diverse spectrum of the biological activities of
Samento is due to its biologically active compounds. The penta-
cyclic oxindole alkaloids (POAs) contained in this Chemotype are
generally accepted as the principal immunomodulating and
immunostimulating agents. POAs are actively involved in the
repair of many elements and functional mechanisms of both the
innate and acquired immunity damaged by the Borrelia and
other co-infections, assisting in restoration of structural and
functional integrity of the immune system, enhancing its ability
to eliminate the pathogens naturally. In addition, this Chemotype
contains quinovic acid glycosides – compounds with strong nat-
ural antibiotic properties (the latest generations of conventional
synthetic antibiotics “Quinolones” are based on quinovic acid
glycosides), which further enhance the medicinal effect of
Samento in fighting the infection.
Bb can remain viable within various cells, including
macrophages, lymphocytes, endothelial cells, neurons, and
fibroblasts. Considering the life-time of intracellular forms of Bb
equivalent to the life-span of the cells invaded by these forms,
they should be constantly released into surrounding environ-
ment upon the natural human cell death. The release of intracel-
lular forms of Bb is gradual over the time due to various life-span
of various invaded cells. Since about 90% of these forms reside
in various human cells (including all blood cells) which have the
life-span from 2-3 weeks to 6-8 months, it may be assumed that
within a 6 to 8 month period, a significant majority of all intra-
cellular forms of Bb will be released into the environment where
they can be successfully attacked by a properly functioning
immune system and a natural powerful herbal antibiotic.
can result in damage to virtually all bodily systems. In addition,
it is possible to see latent infections reactivated, especially of the
Herpes type. Studies have shown that concurrent Borrelial and
Ehrlichial and/or Babesial infections change their individual clin-
ical presentations, with different symptoms, atypical signs,
decreased reliability of standard diagnostic tests, and most
importantly, the creation of chronic, persistent forms of each of
these infections.
How Samento may be effective in treating Lyme
The latest research on Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) shows
that it exists in at least three different forms: the spirochete, the
spheroplast (also known as L-forms and/or Cell-wall deficient
forms), and the cyst. During the course of infection, Bb can shift
among these three forms, converting from the spirochete form
to the others when presented with an unfavorable environment
(antibiotics, changes in pH of body fluids in chronic inflamma-
tion, etc.), and reverting back to the spirochete form to grow and
reproduce upon being released from naturally aging and dying
infected cells. It is during the growth period after re-conversion
to the spirochete form, as well as in adult spirochete form, that
Bb is most vulnerable and susceptible to pharmaceutical and
natural herbal antibiotics and natural elimination by the body’s
immune system.
The severity of Lyme presentation is directly related to
the spirochete load: low load results in mild or even asympto-
matic infections. With increased spirochete load from subse-
quent repeated infections and/or reactivated dormant infections,
the severity of the disease increases. Higher loads also impair
key cells of the immune system and modify the immune
response, thus making the immune system unable to fight the
The negative effects on the immune system increase the
longer the Borrelias are present. To prevail in the effort to fight
Lyme disease, it is necessary not only to restore the immune sys-

In all the participants clinical diagnosis of Chronic Lyme
Borreliosis has been confirmed by positive Western Blot Test
before the beginning of the Study.
During the study period, all participants had initial and
final office visits, and within the 6-month period were followed
on a monthly basis, and additionally on as-needed basis for eval-
uation and treatment of their health condition.
All study participants had their Initial Medical history at
the beginning of the study, and on each visit - Physical examina-
tion, Neurophysiological testing, Kinesiological Analysis, Quality
of Life Self-Assessment with “SF 8 Health Survey” (a validated,
historical questionnaire developed by the Medical Outcomes
Trust of Boston, USA) and “10 Top Health Concerns Self-
Assessment” questionnaire with a scale of 1-to-10 for the degree
of the severity of patients’ ten most problematic symptoms.
Laboratory tests included Serologic Tests for detecting Borrelia
Burgdorferi and other Infections (including the Western Blot –
IgG & IgM anti-Borrelial Antibody Test) at the beginning and at
the end of the study; Routine clinical blood test (including com-
prehensive metabolic panel, CBC, WBC differential, CRP, ESR)
and complete clinical urinalysis with microscopic evaluation,
Biological Terrain Evaluation (pH Strips - Saliva and Urine, Sugar
and Mineral content in Urine), and Dark Field Microscopy of the
live blood at least 3 times during the study period (at the begin-
ning, at the end, and after first ten weeks of study).
During the first 14 days of the study, the 13 patients of
the Experimental group each had dietary changes compatible
with their blood type and metabolic type, and used tissue pH
balancing with green drinks and other individually recommend-
ed supplements, enzymes with and in-between meals, lymph
drainage, kidney drainage, liver supporting natural remedies,
eicosapentoic acid, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, homeo-
pathics, and a few select organ-balancing herbs, but no
Samento. All prescription antibiotics were stopped in these 13
patients before the study started. Previous experience with the
other 58 patients had taught us that due to Samento being such
a powerful antimicrobial, patients would get a severe
Preliminary Studies: 58 patients with stage-3
Chronic Lyme disease with significant neurological involvement,
who had not improve significantly on antibiotic therapy, and had
been referred from the Lyme Literate Physician, were treated
empirically in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (Texas, U.S.A.) with a
combination of Samento, nutritional supplements, dietary
changes and body pH-balancing, and showed 25-50% improve-
ment in overall symptoms over the period of 2 – 3 months. It
was decided that refining the treatment protocol in a prospective
cohort study could be quite instructive.
Pilot Study - Experimental Design and Methods:
The 6-month Study was aimed to evaluate the partici-
pants’ response to alternative therapy with Samento
(Pentacyclic Alkaloid Chemotype Uncaria tomentosa, also known
as TOA-Free Cat’s Claw) compared with conventional therapy for
Chronic Lyme Disease (including antibiotics and/or symptomatic
treatment for existing conditions).
28 patients with Chronic Lyme Disease (Lyme Neuroborreliosis)
started study:
14 patients (control group): continued using conventional thera-
py (including antibiotics and/or symptomatic treat-
ment for existing conditions) with no other interven-
tion; all 14 patients completed study.
14 patients (experimental group): received alternative treat-
ment (including Samento, dietary changes, and
some natural supplements for the initial body pH-
balancing); 13 patients completed study (1 patient
dropped out due to cancer surgery at the very
beginning of the study).
The patients of both the Control and the Experimental
groups had a comparable degree of illness, age sex, blood type,
social-economic status and the duration of their Lyme disease.

seropositive to Borrelia burgdorferi by Western Blot Test, and in
both the “Treatment” and the “Control” groups, about the half of
the patients (46% and 43% correspondingly) had co-infections
with Babesia, Ehrlichia, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Virus Type 1
and 2, Mycoplasma, and Chlamydia.
Based on the results of the patients’ Self-Assessment
questionnaires, clinical evaluation, and laboratory tests, all 13
participants of the Experimental group compared to the partici-
pants of the Control group, showed higher (in 2 to 3,5 timessig-
nificant (in two to four timesimprovement in their health condi-
tion within the first 10 weeks of study and continued to improve
during the entire study period.
Diagrams of the Clinical Symptoms (Slides ## 1-11)
demonstrate: decreased fatigue; significantly reduced joint and
muscle pain, stomach pain and digestive disturbances; dimin-
ished peripheral neuropathy symptoms; increased energy level;
improved sleep, cognitive abilities, memory, concentration and
thinking process; significantly decreased anxiety, depression,
irritability, mood swings, and communication problems.
Compared Diagrams of the patients’ clinical improve-
ment during the entire study period (Slides ## 12-19), show
that the patients of the “Treatment” group compared with the
patients of the “Control” group improved significantly higher (in
2,2 to 3,6 times) in all clinical symptoms.
The following Slide #20 demonstrates the changes in
Patients’ overall clinical condition (according to the doctors’ eval-
uation) during the entire study period.
In the “Treatment” group, from 13 patients: 6 (46.2%)
showed significant improvement, 5 (38.5%) – marked improve-
ment, and 2 (15,3%) – moderate improvement.
In the “Control” group, from 14 patients: 1 (7.1%)
showed moderate improvement, 6 (42,9%) – slight improve-
ment, 3 (21,4%)- worsened, and 4 patients (28,6%) remained
with no change in their clinical conditions.
The following Diagrams (Slides ## 21-29), based on the
results of “SF 8 Survey”, show that the impact of patients’ phys-
Herxheimer reaction if they were not detoxified and prepared to
receive the Samento before starting the first dose.
Each of the 13 “treatment” patients improved somewhat
in their symptoms during these first 14 days. The Samento dose
was started from the third week of the study (on the 15-th day
of the study period) at one capsule (600 mg) three times a day
in most patients, and built up to three capsules three times a day
over a six-to-nine day dose-adjustment period. By the end of the
4-th week of the study period, all the patients had been adjust-
ed to the therapeutic dose of Samento (3 capsules 3 times a
During the following 4 weeks (the 5-th – 8-th weeks of
study), these 13 “treatment” patients were kept on nine cap-
sules of Samento per day, plus the other vitamins, minerals,
herbal and homeopathic support. During the next 2 weeks (the
– 10
weeks of study), the Samento was continued at the
same dosage (nine capsules per day), and other supportive
remedies were used in minimal amount (only on as-needed
After the tenth week of the study period, most of the
other supportive remedies were discontinued, and the Samento
was continued at six-to-nine capsules per day in the “treatment”
patients for an additional 14 weeks.
Results of the Pilot Study
At the beginning of the study, the most prominent clini-
cal symptoms in all the patients of the both groups were (in the
“Treatment” and the “Control” groups respectively):
Fatigue - 92,3% and 85,7%; Joint pain – 84,6% and
64,3%; Muscle pain- 53,8% and 57,1%; Digestive disturbances
and/or Stomach pain – 84,6% and 57,1%; Memory impairment
– 30,8% and 71,4%; Cognitive dysfunction – 61,5% and 57,1%;
Limbic Encephalopathy Symptoms – 76,9% and 50,0%; Sleep
disturbances – 30,8% and 21,4%; Headache (severe) – 23,1%
and 42,9%; Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms were noted in
46,2% of the patients of the “Treatment “ group only.
At the beginning of the study, all the participants were

Samento Normalizes Blood Pressure
Associate Professor Ludmila Ivanova, MD, Ph.D.
Atanas Tzonkov, herbalist and healer
Assoc. Prof. Ludmila Ivanova, M.D., Ph.D. is a nutrition-
ist and dietitian, currently head of the Nutrition Laboratory at the
National Center of Hygiene, Medical Ecology and Nutrition; con-
sultant at the Lechitel Health Center, Sofia, Bulgaria.
SAMENTO is a natural herbal product with a proven ver-
satile beneficial effect on health. Its action is above all
immunomodulatory, antimutagenic, antibacterial, diuretic, antivi-
ral, etc.
SAMENTO is a unique plant species, Uncaria tomentosa,
not containing tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOA) that inhibit
the action of the biologically active pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids
(POA). It is namely the POA that display a potent stimulating and
modulating effect on the immune system and are probably impli-
cated, along with the other active components of the herb, in the
famous anticarcinogenic effect of SAMENTO. Although some
Uncaria species (Uncaria rhynchophylla) show hypotensive
action in animal tests, Uncaria tomentosa’s effect for normalizing
human blood pressure is less studied.
The aim of our research was to analyze the results from
the use of Samento 600 mg with or without Rooibos tea in
hypertensive patients, based on data from readers’ letters sent
to Lechitel Weekly’s editors’ office between November 2002 and
May 2003. The majority of these patients were treated accord-
ing to schemes prescribed by us. After analyzing a significant
number of letters sent by people with different diagnoses, a total
of 25 patients were selected - 29 women and 16 men, aged
between 46 and 82, who had been diagnosed with essential
hypertension with values of 160-190 mm Hg / 90-100 mm Hg.
The schemes according to which SAMENTO was applied
vary as follows: 20% of all patients have taken 1 capsule daily
for more than 6 months, 60% - 2 capsules daily for more than 3
ical, mental, and emotional health problems on their physical
activities, daily work, and social activities with family or friends
by the end of the treatment course was significantly lower than
at the beginning of the study in almost all the patients of the
“Treatment” group. By the end of the treatment period, 11 from
13 of these patients evaluated their health in general as ‘better’
or ‘much better now” compared with one year ago, and 2
patients evaluated their health in general as “about the same”.
In the patients of the “Control” group, the results of the
“SF 8 Survey” did not demonstrate significant differences during
the entire study period (Slides ## 30 – 38).
In the patients of the “Treatment” group, the clinical
blood tests showed steady improvement in patients’ triglycerides
and cholesterol levels, and normalization of the HDL/LDL ratio,
more noticeable in the patients with more significant clinical
improvement. In the patients of the “Control” group, the triglyc-
erides and cholesterol levels showed “undulating” pattern corre-
sponding with the patients’ clinical conditions, with some ten-
dency towards normalization of the data.
Taking into account the results of this Pilot Study, we
can assume that continuous use of Samento over a period of
time consistent with the life-span of several generations of vari-
ous infected cells (8-12 months), would more likely result in
gradual killing and eliminating of Borrelia and co-existing infec-
tious pathogens, with subsequent reduction of infectious load in
the body and restoration of the person’s health.

Perfect Action Of Samento
In Patients With Neurovegetative
By Dr. Lyubomir Kaitazky, M.D., neurologist at
the Lechitel Health Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
The remedy SAMENTO has an exceptionally broad spec-
trum of therapeutic effect in different types of internal,
endocrine, dermatological, neurological, oncological, immunode-
ficiency and many other diseases.
A clinical study was carried out at the Lechitel Health
Center on 24 patients diagnosed with “Dystonia neurovegetati-
va”. All the patients had clinically expressed symptoms of anxi-
ety, depression and somatic complaints. The group did not
include patients with vegetodystonia or other similar diseases.
The goal of this study was to determine if SAMENTO
positively effects functionally proven disorders of the central
nervous systems, to what degree each disorder was influenced
or affected, and finally – to establish the optimal dosage for such
SAMENTO was prescribed in a dose of 2 to 4 capsules
per 24 hour period, divided into 3 parts, taking into considera-
tion the severity and individual characteristics of each case. The
complete time of therapy was 60 days. The events and symp-
toms were determined by using 4-graded scales.
At the end of this study the following data was estab-
lished: Overall, the therapeutic action of SAMENTO was signifi-
cant. Approximately 70% of patients exhibited or experienced a
“very strong effect’; 20% of patients experienced a “slight
improvement”; and 10 % of patients showed “no effect”.
Significant effect or results were seen in patients with hyperhy-
drosis, tachycardia, collapses, sweating, dizziness and
headaches. However, the best clinical effects or results were
obtained in patients with chronic fatigue complaints, memory
disturbances, sleep disorders, depression, sexual dysfunctions,
months, 15% - 3 capsules daily for 2 to 3 months, and 5% - 6
capsules daily for 1 to 2 months. 35% of the patients report hav-
ing taken Samento together with Rooibos tea.
The hypotensive effect occurs after different periods of
use of the product, most often after a 30-days application of two
600-mg capsules daily, in combination with Rooibos. The blood
pressure reaches normal values: 120-130/70-80 mm Hg, after
taking the product for 2 weeks. In some of the patients the nor-
malization leads to discontinuing of the antihypertensive drug
treatment. Several cases have been registered in which the
blood pressure normalizes before the 10
The data analysis shows that SAMENTO 600 mg demon-
strates a clear hypotensive effect in patients with essential
hypertension. The likely mechanism is the vasodilative and
myocardial relaxant effect of the active substances - the penta-
cyclic oxindole alkaloids, as well as the diuretic effect exerted by
the combination of the product with Rooibos tea. It is even like-
lier that this extremely important healing effect is due to the
complex action, including anti-inflammatory, of SAMENTO, with
the active participation of its glycosides, organic acids, polyphe-
nols, flavonoids, etc.
These positive results from the application of SAMENTO
600 mg in patients with essential hypertension can be treated
also as preliminary. The further extended and detailed examina-
tion of the hypotensive action of SAMENTO is not only indispen-
sable but also extremely promising.

Questions And Answers
From The Press Conference
Could you please tell us what opportunities
Samento offers for the treatment of such difficult-to-
treat diseases like the phobias? I mean the different
types of phobia – claustrophobia, aerophobia, etc.
Dr. Lyubomir Kaitazky: In the study conducted at the
Lechitel Health Center a part of the patients complained from
phobia-related experiences and by the way the phobia syndrome
or symptoms are among the typical leading elements in vege-
todystonia. The bulk of these patients, around 60%, were posi-
tively influenced - especially, as it was emphasized, the claustro-
phobia, etc. These are conditions related to the so-called panic
attacks or panic disorder: a sudden rise in blood pressure, fear-
related experiences, etc. In about a month after the beginning
of the treatment a great percentage of these patients showed a
real improvement – and that provided that they took no other
pharmaceuticals like benzodiazepines, antidepressants, etc. This
comes to support what was said by the speakers before me.
Dr. Svetlana Ivanova explained in her report
that the composition of Samento includes quinovic acid
that is also contained in synthetic antibiotics. Does this
mean that Samento can be an equivalent of these
Dr. Svetlana Ivanova: Samento contains quinovic
acid. In the basics of all quinolons, or synthetic antibiotics, is the
content of quinovic acid. In the pyramid given by the FDA is pre-
sumed that these quinolons are the most powerful, most potent
Dr. Luis Romero: As pharmacologist, I can tell you
this: first of all, there is no doubt that Samento is extremely
active and effective. Secondly - Samento has zero side effects,
in contrast to antibiotics.
etc. Each of the 16 patients with the above described complaints
experienced a complete elimination of symptoms and a 6-month
maintenance therapy was appointed.
Finally, I have come to the following conclusions:
• SAMENTO has a very impressive clinical effect on
patients with neuro – vegetodystonic symptoms or patients with
• The best clinical results are seen in neuro – asthenic
complaints, such as chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, memory
problems, depression and sexual dysfunctions.
• In clinically mild or less severe cases, this remedy can
be prescribed without a supporting psychopharmacological ther-
• SAMENTO is a perfect alternative to psychopharmacol-
ogy in such cases.

Letters From Bulgaria
(2001 - 2004)
To all the people who have sent to the Lechitel editorial
office the following letters from Bulgaria and other countries, we
thank from all our hearts and sincerly wish them the most impor-
tant thing in life – to be healthy!
The authors

ber of phones we’re used to seeing in any doctor’s or scientist’s
office were nowhere to be found.
The first thing that pleased me was the absence of a
phone. That meant nobody was going to interrupt us as it usu-
ally happened during every medical examination.
The conversation started with my background – from my
very birth until the present. Believe me, for an hour and a half,
while the consultation lasted, the secretary didn’t allow anyone
to disturb Mr. Tzonkov, to enter the room and interrupt him. This
was so surprising to me because for the first time in my life
somebody listened to me so carefully and wrote everything
Certainly he was astonished that nobody had succeeded
in relieving my pain when I told him what renowned hospitals I’d
been to. In the end he stated his position, which was quite com-
prehensive, and prescribed Samento - 3 x 2 capsules daily with
Rooibos tea. Before leaving I asked how much I owed him for
the consultation. Can you imagine someone nowadays saying,
“We don’t take money here, we want to help you”? I can tell you
I was sure such people no longer existed. But I had been wrong:
there’s only one such person and his name is Atanas Tzonkov.
And so I started taking Samento along with
Rooibos tea as I had been told. On the fourth morning I
woke up and felt somehow that this was not my weak,
exhausted body. My head felt light as a feather, my body
full of energy – as if I had been born for the second time.
The whole day was like a holiday to me. I wasn’t walk-
ing but flying and smiled without a reason. I hadn’t lis-
tened to the music in dozens of years and now I played my
favorite cassettes and the sound didn’t bother me.
And in the evenings I started falling asleep at 10 pm
precisely and didn’t wake up until the morning. Good God, I
can’t believe I’m healthy and sleep without sleeping-
pills! I feel alive; I have regained my strength and desire to
work. And everybody noticed my good mood and felt happy for
me – especially my kids who used to suffer so much beside me.
There’s one more thing I’d like to share.
You Saved Me After 32 Years Of Terrible Pain
I’ve been searching for the right words for days to
address my favorite newspaper Lechitel as a token of apprecia-
tion, but no matter what I write it will not be enough to express
my gratitude to Mr. Tzonkov.
I am now 50 years old. I was 18 when my
headaches started. A year later they became unbearable. I
started going from doctor to doctor. I was prescribed the most
potent of drugs – with no result. I went through all kind of tests
and luckily everything showed there was nothing abnormal. Of
course the good results made me happy but, on the other hand,
the cause of the terrible headache was never found. And they
started treating me with anything they thought would help me.
As time went by the amount of analgesics kept growing. This led
to chronic insomnia and even stronger pain. I was told that
after getting old my headaches would stop. Frankly speaking, I
just couldn’t wait to get old, but the things grew even worse. I
could no longer stand the pain. I plucked at my hair and felt as
if my brain flew out of every single hair. I quit my job and spent
more and more time in bed. Everything disturbed me, everyone
annoyed me and I felt absolutely miserable.
No sanatoria, no acupunctures, no herbs could
help me. The pain was so awful it stifled my every desire
to work, communicate and even live. My youth went by in
hospitals and sanatoria, I spent all the holidays lying in bed and
looking for quiet. And I’m so fond of holidays… I enjoy them like
a child but the pain did not allow me to feel the joy. Someone
might tell, “What’s all the fuss about, a head is nothing special,
there’s much worse than this”. Yes, that’s right, but I would pre-
fer to suffer from any disease than live with this fierce pain.
And so one day I learned about the natural product
Samento and, after reading more about it, I didn’t hesitate
because Lechitel had already earned my trust a long time ago.
I made an appointment with Mr. Tzonkov and waited
eagerly for it to come. He arrived on the dot and we entered his
study. The upholstered furniture, the thick carpets and the num-

colds have become a thing of the past. Just 60-100 mg of
the miraculous “powder” - not even continuously but with long
breaks - are enough to keep us healthy. The effect is so strong
that even in the case of insect bites and by taking a larger dose
(2 x 600 mg a day) people who are highly allergic can recover in
just 24 hours – as it happened in my family last summer.
I can write so much more: Samento strengthens
teeth and gums, preventing caries; it acts as a potent
antidepressant and since it gives energy and one can move
and act without getting tired, I personally use it as a slimming
And speaking of hypertension tablets, joint pain lotions
and pills, antibiotics, etc. that destroy the body, I wonder
whether our doctors and pharmacists from the National
Health Insurance Fund are really healthy minded people.
Architect Madlen Kachamakova, Sofia
The Lifesaving Formula
Samento + Rooibos: this is the formula of my
physical and mental salvation. There’s nothing better for the
one who suffers.
Migraine, bulimia, insomnia, stress, despair,